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Ready to see how you can use Swappa Data Services?

Ready to see how you can use Swappa Data Services?

For years now we’ve been hearing about “big data”. Everyone is scrambling to understand market trends. Well, we know a lot about the used phone market, because Swappa collects data directly from its completed sales and does not rely upon third parties sources. This gives Swappa a very unique understanding of the used retail price for mobile devices, which can be used many different ways.

With over $40M in equipment sales in 2015, we have a lot of information to share. That’s why we created Swappa Data Services, a customizable partner service to provide ongoing mobile data solutions.

With monthly and subscription-based API services, we share only the information you need, when you need it, including:

● Device Price    ● Device Matching    ● Swappa Device Catalog   

No Junk Devices Allowed | Activation-Ready Only | No 3rd Party Data

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