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Fair Fees

Swappa splits the fee between buyers and sellers.

3% Seller Fee

Listing is always free, but seller pays 3% of the sold price.

Payment Processing Fees

PayPal/Stripe take their standard transaction fees on the payment total.

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3% Buyer Fee

The buyer pays a 3% fee added to the listing price.

Applicable Taxes

Calculated at checkout, Swappa is required by law to collect state taxes on most sales.

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Better Fees, Better Service

Better value for buyers and sellers. Swappa has lower fees compared to most every other marketplace.

Swappa Fees

  • 24/7/365 support
  • Our expert staff verifies listings
  • Powerful AI fraud prevention
  • Millions of potential buyers

Payment Processing Fees

  • PayPal fees: 3.49% + $0.49
  • Stripe fees: 2.9% + $0.30
  • Fast payments, direct from buyer to seller
  • Buyer and seller protections

Applicable Taxes

  • Collected by Swappa at purchase
  • Included in the PayPal Partner Fee
  • Marketplace facilitator taxes are required by most state laws

Compare to eBay Fees

Swappa’s lower fees save you money whether you’re buying or selling.

Example: iPhone
iPhone Phone

iPhone purchased for $515

Make more by selling your used iPhone on Swappa

Service Buyer Fee Seller Fee PayPal Seller Payout
Swappa $15.00 $15.00 $18.46 $466.54
eBay N/A $63.05 N/A $451.95 ($14.59 less)
Example: Samsung Galaxy Phone
Android phone

Samsung Galaxy purchased for $309

Swappa is the #1 marketplace for Android devices

Service Buyer Fee Seller Fee PayPal Seller Payout
Swappa $9.00 $9.00 $11.27 $279.73
eBay N/A $37.95 N/A $271.05 ($8.68 less)
Example: MacBook Pro
Used MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro purchased for $927

Get more cash for your gently used MacBook Pro on Swappa

Service Buyer Fee Seller Fee PayPal Seller Payout
Swappa $27.00 $27.00 $32.84 $840.16
eBay N/A $113.25 N/A $813.75 ($26.41 less)
Example: Sony PlayStation 5
Used PlayStation 4

PlayStation 5 purchased for $618

Sell your PlayStation 5 for more on Swappa

Service Buyer Fee Seller Fee PayPal Seller Payout
Swappa $18.00 $18.00 $22.06 $559.94
eBay N/A $75.60 N/A $542.40 ($17.54 less)

Seller FAQ

Swappa is a US-based marketplace.

  • Sellers located outside the United States cannot create listings on Swappa.
  • International buyers can buy on Swappa if they provide a US shipping address and use a US-based payment source.

You can use a freight forwarding service as your US-based address if you are an international buyer, but you must get the seller’s permission before every purchase.

What if a buyer uses an international payment source?

  • If an international payment source is used, the buyer is responsible for paying the international PayPal fee back to the seller before the device is shipped.
  • Sellers are not …

Read the full answer...

Sellers should not publicly share IMEI, ESN, or serial numbers for devices. Your IMEI number is considered private information until your item is sold.

  • Buyers can ask sellers to check the IMEI with a carrier they'd like to use by supplying a link to the carrier's BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) carrier compatibility page.
  • Buyers shouldn’t post listing comments asking for the IMEI before purchase.

Sellers: If you are wondering whether it is safe to send the IMEI to a buyer -- it is safe to send the IMEI to a buyer provided it is being shared privately, and after …

Read the full answer...

Swappa offers a free ESN/IMEI check service: Check your ESN / IMEI

Swappa’s free IMEI check service reports whether a device is allowed (clean and ready for activation according to the GSMA global registry) or blocked (reported as lost or stolen).

If you don’t know the history of a device or are unsure about its activation status or any outstanding financial obligations, please contact the original wireless carrier before creating a listing.

Read more: How to find your phone’s IMEI

Read the full answer...

Communication on Swappa takes place before (pre-sale) or after (post-sale) a purchase.

  • Pre-sale communication: Buyers and sellers can communicate about a listing in the public comments on listing pages. All comments should directly pertain to buying and selling that particular listing.
  • Post-sale communication: After a listing sells, buyers and sellers can communicate directly on their private sale page.

The exception to this rule is for Enterprise Sellers. The public comments for enterprise seller listings are disabled, and Enterprise Sellers can only be contacted post-sale.

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Swappa verifies listings before they go live to prevent scams and keeps junk devices out. To do this, we need your IMEI if you’re selling a cellular device -- or your serial number if you’re selling a WiFi-only device.

Finding your IMEI is easy:

  • iPhone and iPad IMEI numbers can be found by going to Settings > General > About
  • MacBook serial numbers can be found by clicking About This Mac from the Apple Menu
  • Android IMEI numbers can be found by going to Settings > About Phone > Status

How to find a phone ESN number:

Read the full answer...

Swappa marketplace fees are simple, transparent, and lower than the competition.

Each party (seller and buyer) pays a flat 3% Swappa sale fee.

  • Sellers pay 3% of the Ask Price. So if you list an item with a $100 ask price, you pay $3 to Swappa and receive a payment of $97 (minus PayPal payment processing fees).
  • Buyers pay 3%, which is added to the seller's Ask Price when setting the Listing Price. In other words, a listing with a $100 Ask Price will have a $103 listing price. The buyer then pays $103 plus tax (when required). …

Read the full answer...

Devices must be factory reset prior to being listed on Swappa. The steps will vary from device to device, but we’ve compiled a few resources to help you below.

Please note: Swappa is not responsible for any lost data. Be sure to take the proper steps to back up your device and transfer any files to external storage before resetting your device.



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