Terms of Use

To use the Swappa site and service you must abide by these terms and conditions.

Brief Summary

The "Human Version" of the terms is just for summarizing the "Legal Version". The "Legal Version" below is the real version you are agreeing to.

Services & Fees

  • Swappa is a facilitator of sales. We are not a retailer, re-seller, or middleman.
  • For facilitating the sale and providing other services, we take a small fee.

Buying & Selling

  • Swappa is not liable if a seller lies, cheats or steals from you.
  • We will do our best to prevent fraud and help you resolve problems that do arise.


  • We keep your private information private. We have no interest in stealing or selling such information.
  • Buyers and Sellers have more information available about each other.


  • This site allows the creation of listings, comments and other content for all the world to see.
  • We are not liable for what our users post, but we will use our best efforts to monitor it.