Terms of Use

To use the Swappa site and service you must abide by these terms and conditions.

(Brief Summary)

Services & Fees

  • Swappa is a facilitator of sales. We are not a retailer, re-seller, or middleman.
  • For facilitating the sale and providing other services, we take a small fee.

Buying & Selling

  • We have safeguards in place, but Swappa is not liable for seller actions.
  • We will do our best to prevent fraud and help you resolve problems that do arise.


  • We keep your private information private. We do not steal or sell such information.
  • Buyers and sellers have more information available about each other.


  • This site allows the creation of listings, comments and other content for all the world to see.
  • We are not liable for what our users post, but we will use our best efforts to moderate it.