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Swappa has used and refurbished MacBooks for less than $500!

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Current MacBook prices start at $200 as of October 2021.

Best MacBook Prices October 2021

MacBook Price
MacBook Air 2020 - 13" $515
MacBook Pro 2020 - 13" $825
MacBook Air 2019 - 13" $579
MacBook Pro 2019 - 13" $745
MacBook Pro 2019 - 16" $1300
MacBook Pro 2019 - 15" $1310
MacBook Air 2018 - 13" $540
MacBook Pro 2018 (With Touch Bar) - 13" $720

How much does a MacBook cost?

The price of a MacBook depends on several factors, especially model and year/age. While Apple and other retails only offer the newest, most expensive MacBooks for sale, Swappa allows more affordable options starting at $200.

What is the cheapest MacBook?

MacBook Air is the cheapest Apple laptop. But if you're buying on Swappa you can get a gently used MacBook Pro for less than a new MacBook Air ($999). That's awesome.

Will the MacBook price drop?

Yes, MacBook prices will drop. MacBooks hold their value well, but prices will decline over time as newer models are released. Retailers typically discount new tablets when a new model is announced. On Swappa used device prices drop daily meaning you can get the best deal today.

When will MacBook prices drop?

New MacBooks, sold by Apple and other retailers, usually only see a price drop around that time of the next model release. Used MacBook prices, however, decline steadily over time meaning you can get a great deal on a used Apple laptop today.

Sell my MacBook?

Swappa is also the best place to sell your old MacBook. You can get the best deal on your MacBook trade-in by selling it for more, directly to another buyer. Sell with Swappa

Used and refurbished MacBooks

Buying used means you get the same quality at a better price.

Which MacBook should I buy?

The MacBook is an outstanding Apple laptop that features plenty of power and easy portability. There are several different models, screen sizes and specs to fit exactly what you are looking for. Buying a used or refurbished MacBook means you save even more.

The MacBook Pro features top-of-the-line performance and has two screen size options 13” and 15”. The MacBook Air is a sleek and slim laptop designed with portability in mind. The MacBook Retina is highlighted by its ultra-crisp screen and lower price tag compared to the MacBook Pro.

Want more help finding the right MacBook for you? Check out our MacBook buyer's guide!

Where is the best place to buy a used MacBook?

No matter what option you go with, Swappa is the best place to buy a used MacBook. On Swappa you buy directly with other users and cutting out the middleman means you get the best prices around.

Buyers and sellers transact safely and directly on Swappa using PayPal. Extensive buyer and seller protections keep both parties safe and we make sure sellers get paid fast.

To keep our marketplace safe, we don’t allow broken items. Every product has listing requirements and an approval process to ensure confident shopping. Sign up and join the Swappa community today!

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