XDA Developers - Swappa Opens Up a Gaming Section for Games, Consoles and Accessories

Sep 01, 2017

Swappa started out as a place for people to just buy a sell smartphones. This expanded into tablets as the marketplace grew and then started to expand even further. Now, there are a number of categories including mobile, laptops, Macbooks, Chromebooks, watches, wearables, and VR headsets.

AndroidGuys - Swappa continues expansion with addition of full gaming section

Aug 31, 2017

Swappa, one of our favorite places to buy and sell smartphones, has spread its wings yet again. Following the expansion into wearables, laptops, and VR comes its newest endeavor: gaming. That’s right, you can now buy and sell video games and consoles, too.

iMore - RIP IN PEACE, GAMESTOP Swappa Gaming is an all new place for buying and selling used games

Aug 31, 2017

The folks at Swappa do one thing very well — maintain a healthy environment for buying and selling used gear. What started as a phone swapping site has grown considerably over the years, and is now the best place to get top dollar for your used phone as well as get a sweet deal on a used phone when you need one.

Windows Central - Swappa Gaming is an all new place for buying and selling used games

Aug 31, 2017

This service has expanded several times in recent years, but the latest push into gaming is an area where the used phone skills are really going to come in handy. Welcome to Swappa Gaming.

Kim Komando - Save HUNDREDS of dollars on iPhones, Androids and laptops

Aug 16, 2017

One way to keep costs low is to buy gently used items. It's a good idea to purchase used items from a trusted source. That's where today's cool site can help.Swappa is a user-to-user marketplace for gently used gadgets. The site allows you to buy and sell directly to other Swappa users with no middleman. This ensures you will find the best prices and the most value.

Android Central - Best Places to Buy a Used Phone

Aug 07, 2017

All listings must have good quality photos that clearly show any damage, and the quality (fair/good/excellent) should match the photos. And the cost of shipping is included in the price of the listing, which should prevent post-sale price gouging. And because Swappa uses PayPal, all listings are protected, so if a device doesn't arrive as advertised, buyers have recourse to get their money back.

Windows Central - 5 key considerations before you buy a used phone

Aug 02, 2017

Swappa is the other site worthy of your attention. Swappa relies on PayPal for all transactions, allowing you to pay the seller directly while keeping you protected by PayPal's outstanding buyer protection policy. Swappa offers more comprehensive information about the market prices for phones, too, so you can see how the average price has fallen over time.

AndroidGuys - Selling your phone? Do these things during and after the sale

Jul 07, 2017

Swappa is the most popular choice for Android enthusiasts in my personal experience. Swappa offers excellent buyer and seller protections that eBay does not. Each device has its IMEI checked to make sure it isn’t blacklisted.

PR Web - Increase Cellphone Repair Shop Visibility with the Swappa Repair Network

Feb 12, 2017

Statistically, over 30% of Swappa’s user base will have a broken phone or cracked screen in their buying and selling lifecycle. To better serve its audience and to foster its growing relationship with repair shops, Swappa introduced the Swappa Repair Network...

XDA Developers - Import your Ebay Feedback for a Better Reputation on Swappa

Feb 06, 2017

Even without a substantial transaction history on Swappa, you can prove your trustworthiness by importing your score from eBay. This will help you get started buying and selling phones on the best used phone marketplace on the internet.

Digital Trends - Buying a phone on Swappa? You can insure it and pay $50 to repair or replace it

Nov 25, 2016

With that said, the protection plans give you one-year renewable and transferable coverage, with the $50 deductible seemingly a fixed amount. You can only purchase them when you buy a device, however, so make sure you want to buy insurance for your device before buying it.

Yahoo Music - Buying a phone on Swappa? You can insure it and pay $50 to repair or replace it

Nov 25, 2016

Regardless of which protection plan you go for, they all offer accident protection, which means your drops and spills will be covered. Furthermore, any cracked glass or screen, as well as power surge damage, are covered.

Android Police - Secondary phone marketplace Swappa now offers protection plans starting at $50

Nov 23, 2016

Swappa, a marketplace for gadget buyers and sellers that specializes in Android hardware, is trying to take some of the uncertainty out of that process. Starting today the company is offering device protection plans for phones, with laptops and tablets coming soon.

Phone Arena - Swappa introduces device protection plans for used smartphones

Nov 23, 2016

Starting today, Swappa will begin to offer Used Phone Protection Plans from WarrantyLife. The protection plans work similarly to what you'd be able to purchase with a new smartphone, and the pricing model is quite similar as well. Purchasing a protection plan for your new used gadget from Swappa will allow you to blanket it with coverage for cracked screens, water damage from any accidental spills or drops, power surges, and more.

Smart Companies Radio - No More Dark Alleys: Swappa, A Better Way to Buy and Sell Used Phones

Oct 28, 2016

Meet Ben Edwards, the man behind Swappa, a user-to-user marketplace for gently used mobile devices... Swappa was founded in 2010 by Edwards, a long-time software and mobile developer who joins host Kelly Scanlon on this week’s episode of Smart Companies KC.

XDA Developers - Tiered Fees are Coming to Swappa on November 1st

Oct 28, 2016

Be sure to check Swappa’s fee page for the full details, but looking at the price difference between the available services it’s clear that Swappa’s tiered pricing system makes Swappa the preferable choice for enthusiasts looking to buy or sell their device.

Phandroid - Love using Swappa? Fees are going up in November

Oct 26, 2016

Still, compared to the fees you’ll pay at other online sites the price hike is pretty reasonable and Swappa is still the best online marketplace to buy gently used Android and iOS devices.

Android Community - Swappa Android App now available at Play Store, sell used devices from your phone

Oct 25, 2016

Now with a new Android app, all the features you would see on the website can now be accessed with a few taps on your smartphone. The new Swappa app will allow users to browse through product listings or even list your own device to sell it.

Android Central - Swappa's new full service app lets you buy and sell right from your phone

Oct 21, 2016

Folks who know how to get the best deal on selling their current phone to pay for their next one already know about Swappa. It's the best service on the planet for quickly buying or selling phones, and one of the few experiences where the buying and selling process feels safe and friendly.

Phone Arena - At last, there's finally a full-featured Swappa app on the Play Store

Oct 21, 2016

While Swappa initially started out as a place to sell just your smartphones, the service has quickly grown to offer the sale and purchase of tablets, smartwatches, e-readers, Chromebooks, virtual reality headsets, and more. I've personally used Swappa a great deal for the past two and a half years, and I'll more than likely continue to do so in the future.

XDA Developers - Swappa’s Android App Now Available on Google Play Store!

Oct 21, 2016

With Swappa’s new marketplace app, conveniently called Swappa, users of the service can now enjoy all the benefits of the website natively on their Android smartphones.

Compute Midwest - 29 Kansas City Startups You Should Know About

Oct 04, 2016

Swappa is an online marketplace for buying and selling newish smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Only fully functional, ready to activate devices are allowed.

NewsWire - Sell Your Old iPhone on Swappa for the Biggest Payout

Sep 08, 2016

Selling your gently used iPhone to a user on Swappa is safe, easy and provides a much higher return than sites like Glyde or Gazelle.

Time.com/Money - How to Sell Your Old iPhone for the Most Money and Least Hassle

Sep 07, 2016

Swappa offers two options for sellers: You can unload your iPhone immediately and painlessly, or use Swappa as a marketplace and try to hook up with a buyer.

iMore - How to sell your iPhone

Sep 06, 2016

Swappa is a way to get more money for your old iPhone than typical services provide, but in a way that's easier and more civilized than selling directly. You do have to have reasonable expectations and some patience.

Tom's Guide - The Best Places to Buy and Sell a Used iPhone

Aug 30, 2016

That PayPal fee is the only cost — there's no fee to sell on Swappa — and using PayPal to handle transactions felt safer than having to punch in credit card information. Swappa reviews and approves all listings before buyers can see them.

Tom's Guide - The Best (and Worst) iPhone Trade-In Deals

Aug 30, 2016

If your sole purpose is to get the most dollars and cents in exchange for your iPhone, Swappa and Glyde quote the biggest numbers for what you might get back when you trade in your old iPhone.

The Christian Science Monitor - How to sell your old phone

Aug 13, 2016

Your phone must be fully functional to be listed on Swappa. That means the screen, buttons, battery and ports must all work. It must also have a “clean” serial number, meaning it’s not stolen or under a contract or repayment plan with a cell phone carrier.

iMore - How to sell your iPhone

Aug 10, 2016

Swappa is a way to get more money for your old iPhone than typical services provide, but in a way that's easier and more civilized than selling directly.

Startland News - Top 10 under-the-radar startups in Kansas City

Jul 28, 2016

Swappa seems to be hitting a stride lately, as the company has about one million users who carry out nearly $5 million worth of transactions each month.

NerdWallet - 5 Places to Buy a Used Cell Phone and What to Ask Before You Buy

Jun 15, 2016

The site reviews listings to ensure the device serial number is clean (read: not stolen) and requires sellers to upload photos of the phone, powered on, next to a custom listing code to ensure the seller has the device. Swappa uses PayPal for all payments

NBC Action News (KSHB 41) - Kansas City man starts website for buying and selling used phones

May 19, 2016

Edwards says Swappa makes the process of buying a used phone safer and more dependable than other sites. Sellers must provide the phone's serial number, along with a picture of the phone that includes a unique code provided by the website.

Startland News - Swappa re-homes millions worth of smartphones

May 10, 2016

A computer engineer by training, Edwards’ idea for Swappa came about when he had trouble reliably procuring Android smartphones for development testing.

AndroidGuys - Looking for a quality, cheap, used smartphone? Here are four great options!

Apr 26, 2016

I’m a phone-a-holic so I know Swappa well. I have about 30 transactions on the site and all have worked out well for both parties, even when there’s an issue with the phone.

iMore - How to sell your iPad

Feb 19, 2016

Swappa is a way to get more money for your old iPad than typical services provide, but in a way that's easier and more civilized than selling directly.

Android Central - Galaxy S7 prep — when is the best time to sell your current phone?

Jan 26, 2016

More people selling at the same time means competitive pricing, and that's exactly what Swappa saw with the Galaxy S6 launch. According to their tracking, Galaxy S5 sales increased by 30.87 percent while the average sale price dropped by 6.86 percent during the month Samsung first started shipping the Galaxy S6 to their new owners.

CNet - What to do with the gifts you hate

Dec 21, 2015

If you're looking to sell a smartphone or smartwatch you won't use, you can sell it on Swappa with relative ease. Or, if you prefer, you can use the Swappa Price apps (iOS | Android) to check current market value and get a good idea of what your device is worth when deciding whether it's worth selling.

CNet - Swappa Price is now available on iOS

Dec 11, 2015

The data includes the high and low price of a completed sale within the past 24 hours, along with a chart of the historical price point for the past six months. The timing of Swappa Price for iOS couldn't have been better, with the holidays fast approaching.

Android Authority - Thief caught selling smartphone on Craigslist – don’t let this happen to you!

Nov 15, 2015

Swappa is actually my favorite website for buying and selling used smartphones. It has a solid system! But people are not the only ones doing all the work here; Swappa actually verifies every single listing, so there’s a much lesser chance of someone trying to rip you off or sell you a stolen device. And if it happens to be, you get your cash back. Simple, safe and clean.

Laptop Magazine - How to Sell, Trade In or Donate Your Old Tablet

Sep 18, 2015

Swappa pricing appears fair and balanced for the buyer and seller. - See more at: http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/get-rid-of-old-tablet-2#sthash.JDahPUWO.dpuf

Tom's Guide - How to Get Rid of Your Old Smartphone

Sep 01, 2015

Swappa swept the category, with top prices for both phones.

iMore - How to sell your old iPhone before upgrading to iPhone 6s

Aug 09, 2015

Swappa is a way to get more money for your old iPhone than typical services provide, but in a way that's easier and more civilized than selling directly.

Technobezz - Why To Choose Swappa When It Comes To Buying Or Selling Any Used Phones Or Tablets?

Jul 26, 2015

Similar if you are holding a used device and want to sell it to get a new one, Swappa is the right place for you if you want the procedure to happen in a correct way. Swappa is safe, easy and free website.

Ting - App of the Week: Swappa Price

Jul 22, 2015

Find out how much your phone’s worth with Swappa’s new app, Swappa Price. You can instantly view the average selling price of your used device along with a graph of price changes since its release.

Talk Android - Swappa launches Play Store app to check the price of your devices

Jul 03, 2015

Swappa is a fantastic website for buying and selling your smart devices. There are tons of smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches listed on the site, and it uses PayPal for security, making it one of the best places to unload your old smartphone or pick up a new one. Swappa has a fairly decent mobile site, but today they’ve released an app onto the Play Store specifically for checking out prices of devices on the site.

9to5Google - Swappa releases app to quickly evaluate the value of your phone or tablet

Jul 02, 2015

Swappa is a relatively small player in the online marketplace space, only dealing in mobile phones and tablets, but it’s quite popular in the Android community and has a new app out that should make it even easier to decide whether or not now is the right time to buy or sell a device.

Android Authority - Check out how much your phone is worth with the new Swappa Price app for Android

Jul 02, 2015

Swappa Price does just what you’d expect. It not only gives you a realistic valuation of your used device, but will also keep you in the loop with monthly price updates.

AndroidCentral - Swappa's phone valuation experience now exists in app form

Jul 02, 2015

The folks at Swappa have been doing this whole third-party smartphone and tablet sales thing for a while now, and one of the best tools on their website is the record of what devices have sold for in the past. That experience now exists in app form...

AndroidGuys - Easily find your smartphone’s value with Swappa Price

Jul 02, 2015

Called Swappa Price, the app is a no-frills way of looking up your smartphone’s value. Handy and intuitive, it pulls from the Swappa system to deliver your device’s trending worth. The data is presented in a handy chart that shows historical pricing.

iTechTriad - Track The Value Of Your Device Using The New Swappa Price App

Jul 02, 2015

One of the most powerful tools on Swappa is their pricing info. Swappa constantly tracks what the average prices are for a given device and gives you a history of that. It’s very helpful when selling a device.

Phandroid - Use Swappa’s new app to look up used phone prices

Jul 02, 2015

We’re still a bit of ways away from a full-fledged Swappa app, but the phone trading marketplace company has released a new price chart that’ll give you a good idea of how much a phone is worth. You can use the app to see the phone’s average selling price at the current moment in time, as well as a nice history of price changes since its launch.

Engadget - Show and Tell, or: I have way too many computers

Jun 23, 2015

Through the magic of Swappa, I instead bought a Surface Pro 2 with the Type Cover. Yes, it's used and yes, there are scratches that prove it's used but it doesn't matter to me. It's an excellent device...

Three Thrifty Guys - Swappa Review – Buy and Sell Used Phones and Tablets

Jun 17, 2015

We really liked the shopping experience on Swappa and appreciated the protection the site offers buyers. And when it comes to buying used online – particularly with electronics – buying with confidence is just as important to my wife and me as finding the right price.

Clark Howard - Get the Most Money for Your Old Phone

Jan 23, 2015

People who buy these phones want to be cutting edge, and chances are the phones they already had were pretty fancy. The Financial Times of London estimates there is $5 billion in unwanted phones sitting in people's drawers at home. Don't let those unloved phones gather dust!

Tom's Guide - Review: Why I Used Swappa to Sell My iPhone

Jan 23, 2015

As a new seller on Swappa, I found the experience to be a positive one. From the simplicity of the site design to the active and available staff, the process was easy to understand and work through. The fact that Swappa provides sales trend information saved me time and ensured I got the maximum value for my iPhone. In the end, I earned double what Verizon offered. If I had another mobile device to sell, I would use Swappa again.

WFMY News - Amazon, Swappa, Ebay, Facebook, Cragislist: Pros & Cons

Dec 19, 2014

This site deals only in clean devices-- so the chances of getting an item that can't be activated is low. And this is big for buyers... the sale isn't closed until the buyer has the item in hand and makes sure the device works.

AndroidGuys - Sunday Chat with the 'Guys: Swappa

Nov 09, 2014

Swappa is a great site for the selling and buying of used devices. In an interview with Ben, the founder and coder of Swappa, In the interview, Ben tells us about what he set out to achieve with Swappa and about safety.

iMore - How to sell your old iPad so you can buy the new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3!

Oct 23, 2014

wappa is a marketplace that allows you to quickly and easily list your iPad for sale in just a few minutes. Since prices are based on what other users are buying them for, it makes values a little more reasonable.

Fox WPMT (TV) - Tech Report: Tips on Selling Your old iPhone

Sep 19, 2014

Get the most money selling your old iPhone on Swappa...

Phandroid - Swappa adds support for buying, selling and trading Google Glass, but will Google allow it?

Jul 29, 2014

While going through eBay might have sufficed to this point, anyone who’s used the online marketplace knows dealing with their obnoxious fees and one-sided favoritism can be a pain. Thankfully Swappa has decided to step in and be a better middle man. The company has announced that you can now buy, sell and trade Google Glass through their website.

XDA-Developers - Swappa Launches Boneyard; Buy and Sell Accessories, Broken Devices, and More

Jul 01, 2014

Swappa is XDA’s official marketplace for buying and selling gently used mobile devices because it has earned the trust of the community.

SlashGear - Swappa Boneyard opens up for accessories, busted phones

Jun 21, 2014

The Boneyard is as it sounds — a place where phones of all shapes, sizes, and usability go to find new life. In addition to busted devices, you’ll find cables and other mobile related items.

AndroidGuys - Sell your broken and damaged mobile devices through the Swappa Boneyard

Jun 20, 2014

Swappa, one of our favorite destinations for buying and selling smartphones, has opened up a brand new section. Called Boneyard, it’s a place for you to help get rid of your broken and damaged mobile goods. Read more: http://www.androidguys.com/2014/06/20/sell-broken-damaged-mobile-devices-swappa-boneyard/#ixzz35EXq6dd4 Follow us: @androidguys on Twitter | AndroidGuys on Facebook

Phandroid - Don’t Smash the Past: This OnePlus One promotion is a bad idea

Apr 25, 2014

Sell it on Swappa. OnePlus wants you to smash your phone in lieu of $298. Did you know that a lot of the phones accepted by OnePlus’s Smash promo actually sell for a lot more on Swappa? ... You’d actually turn a profit if you sold your current phone on Swappa and used that cash to buy a OnePlus One.

Android Central - How to sell your old Android device

Apr 21, 2014

Swappa is a dedicated mobile device marketplace with strong quality assurance on device sold.

AndroidGuys - Swappa expands to wearables, get your gently used futuristic watches now

Mar 18, 2014

Swappa, a marketplace of gently used smartphone and tablets, recently started expanding its offerings to smartwatches, which are becoming a norm in the world of technology.

Android Nova - Swappa vs eBay: The epic standoff

Mar 17, 2014

All in all, eBay is great for getting deals on tech, but you never really know what you’re getting, and auctions are a hassle. If you want to buy a used Android phone quickly, easily and cheaply, Swappa is the place to do it.

Android Nova - Trade your devices with Swappa.com

Mar 04, 2014

Swappa provides a good and genuine atmosphere where buyers or sellers can interact in a controlled environment to trade Android devices.

TabletPC Review - How To Resell Your Used Tablet for Cash

Jan 27, 2014

as well as a website called Swappa which specializes in person-to-person sales of used tablets and smartphones. If you want to get the most money for your device, selling it yourself takes out the middleman and will give you a higher price.

Kansas City Star - Used smartphones find new life in second-hand market

Aug 13, 2013

And a Kansas City-based site called Swappa.com has gotten traction with its efforts to review phones before they’re listed on its site. “All this speaks to an enormous market for these phones,” said Ben Edwards, who started Swappa in late 2010 as smartphone sales climbed. “These became computers in your pocket. That’s what really made this happen.”

RootzWiki - Swappa - Buy and Sell Android Devices With Confidence

Aug 01, 2012

"Swappa.com is the way to go for Android enthusiasts who are looking to upgrade their current device while still keeping their unlimited data plans. It is also a great resource for those who are looking to sell their gently used devices and are looking for a hassle free experience."

TechFanatiX - Swappa Leads the Used Device Sales/Purchase Market with Customer Support

Aug 01, 2012

"With Swappa, there's a knowledgeable customer service rep monitoring the selling and buying process to ensure that things work out for both parties. No other service to date can boast this kind of support."

Free Your Android - Got a Phone to Sell? Try Out Swappa!

Jul 07, 2012

"First of all, I had an awesome experience with Swappa. My product sold relatively fast, and everything was explained to me when I was setting up my listing page."

Clark Howard - Turn your gently used gadgets into cash

May 24, 2012

"Other sites that cater to specific resale markets include the following (Swappa). These can all potentially be great ways to turn unloved electronics into cash."

AndroidGuys - Swappa: a great place for buying and selling Android devices

Mar 05, 2012

"Overall, selling my device via Swappa was an efficient and easy experience. Because of the focused nature of a site that deals in one specific type of device, it seems as though most buyers and sellers tend to be more knowledgeable. It feels more like a community of peers instead of the adversarial feel you get from Craigslist or eBay. I'll definitely be using Swappa again when I need to sell another Android device."

TalkAndroid - Swappa – Buy and Sell Gently Used Android Devices

Jan 15, 2012

"As easy as it is to sell on Swappa, its arguably even easier to buy. One thing that’s particularly nice about Swappa is that it acts like a store. You don’t have to spend any time negotiating or connecting with the seller. You just buy the product like you would at any online store. Swappa is indeed special in that it is a site by Android lovers for Android lovers."

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