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Buying Used vs New

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Buying a gently used smartphone on Swappa reduces your CO2 emissions by 187 lbs.

This equals 4 trash bags of waste recycled.

Swappa’s impact so far

Swappa provides a safe and simple platform for users to buy and sell used technology while positively impacting the environment. Swappa’s carbon impact through smartphones alone to date is equivalent to

Doodle car

30 thousand
cars off the road

Doodle planting

2.3 million
trees planted

Doodle recyclebin

97 million lbs
of waste recycled

Remote Work vs In-Office

Remote teams, lean infrastructure, and contemporary tools allow us to reduce our harm to the environment.

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Work from home

No commute to the office saves 480 lbs of fuel consumption every year.

Cloud servers

Cloud-based servers

Relying on the cloud helps reduce electricity & hardware footprint.

No office

Less energy consumption

Having no office reduces 174 thousand lbs of carbon equivalent per year.

Online tools and software

Online tools and software

Operating remote helps save 20 thousand lbs of paper per year.

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