Swappa vs. eBay

Swappa is a user-to-user marketplace that utilizes PayPal, but that's where the similarities end. Swappa has great customer support, no junk devices and no seller fees.

No Junk Devices
  • Only gently used, ready to activate devices
  • No blacklisted or blocked
  • No cracked screens or water damaged
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Staff Approved Listings
  • Listings reviewed and approved by staff
  • ESN checks, verified photos keep it legit
  • We fight fraud so you don’t have to
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PayPal for Protections
  • Pay sellers directly using PayPal
  • Extensive buyer and seller protections
  • You probably already have an account
  • Buy with confidence »

No Seller Fees

Why would you pay to sell your device? Selling on Swappa is free. Only buyers pay a small, fee that is included in the sale price. This saves everyone money over eBay.
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Get paid fast

On Swappa your listing is not considered sold until you are paid. And we don’t make you wait to receive your money as a first time seller. You will have payment in hand before you ship.
Sell with no fees »

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