About Swappa

Swappa is the ultimate marketplace for used mobile devices.

The Swappa Story

Swappa was founded in 2010 by Ben Edwards, a long-time software and mobile developer.

The inspiration for Swappa sparked when Ben had trouble finding a good source for test devices for Android development projects. Turning to eBay and Craigslist proved perilous and time-wasting for buying mobile phones. Blacklisted phones, junk devices, inefficient communication, and downright fraud plagued the antiquated marketplaces.

Knowing there had to be a better way, Swappa began as a side-project to build a better marketplace for buying and selling quality mobile devices. Safety, simplicity, low fees, and the "human factor" made Swappa different then and still do to this day.

From the first Swappa sale (a Motorola Droid) to millions of dollars per month in commerce, Swappa has grown to be the ultimate mobile marketplace.

We have grown over the years, and our team is passionate about all things mobile. We enjoy creating technology that makes it easy for people to directly sell devices to other consumers and everything we do revolves around this concept.

Along the way we discovered something exciting: When you cut out all the garbage and deliver a market that is safe and managed, sellers get a better value by selling directly to consumers. Buyers also win because they get a good deal on a working device without extending their contract.

The Swappa Mission

Our mission has always been to be best marketplace for buying and selling quality mobile devices. Safety, simplicity, low fees, and the "human factor" make Swappa different.

Selling a device is free and easy. Buying a device is easy too. See why buyers and sellers are choosing Swappa over eBay...

Only fully functional, ready to activate mobile devices are allowed on our primary marketplace (no phones with bad ESNs, water damage or cracked screens).

Quick Facts about Swappa

  • Swappa is a safe, simple marketplace for buying and selling mobile devices
  • Swappa launched in December 2010
  • In 2011 over $500,000 worth of gently used mobile devices were sold on Swappa
  • In 2012 over $1,000,000 worth of gently used mobile devices were sold on Swappa
  • In 2013 over $7,000,000 worth of gently used mobile devices were sold on Swappa
  • In 2014 over $23,000,000 worth of gently used mobile devices were sold on Swappa
  • Over $3,000,000 worth of mobile devices are sold on Swappa every month (as of December 2014)

Team Swappa

  • Ben Edwards
    Ben Edwards Ben created and coded Swappa, starting in late 2010. The idea for Swappa came from Ben's love of Android combined with an extreme dislike for the frustrations of buying and selling devices via eBay and Craigslist.
  • Ward Johnsmeyer
    Ward Johnsmeyer Ward joined the Swappa team in January 2015 and brings 16 years of experience in telecommunications with a wide range of roles including operations, sales, vendor management, marketing, network engineering and business development. As our Director of Business Development, he enjoys forging new partnerships for Swappa and raising awareness of our capabilities to serve buyers and sellers. He is a technology enthusiast and a long-suffering Kansas City sports fan.
  • Wesley Thurston
    Wesley Thurston Wes joined the Swappa team in March of 2013. Wesley is a mobile technologies enthusiast with a passion for technology. He works to help answer anything from technical questions to website-related questions in order to make Swappa a more intelligent place to buy a mobile device. You may also know him as stratatak7 on the XDA-Developers forum.
  • Lucas Freeman
    Lucas Freeman Lucas joined the team in July 2013. He is extremely passionate about mobile technology and loves to tinker with anything tech related.
  • Brock Hatfield
    Brock Hatfield Brock joined the Swappa team in July of 2013. Brock is a seasoned IT veteran with a passion for technology. He works to be well rounded in both technical aspects and customer service.
  • Joseph
    Joseph joined the Swappa team in August of 2013. Joe is a Retired U.S. Marine after 20 years. He is a mobile enthusiast, looking to help and to help show others tools provided via that Smart Phone. He is a people person, giving the consumer what they want and deserve. Also known as Judge Joseph Dredd on XDA Developer Forum, he is on the Recognized Contributors / Themer's Committee and Moderator's Committee. http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=4387744
  • Nate T.
    Nate T. Nate joined the Swappa team in November of 2013. Nathan has been a long time user of Swappa and had already reached prolific seller status before joining the team. His experience and expertise as both a user of Swappa and a mobile enthusiast helps him help other buyers and seller on Swappa.
  • Prateek.
    Prateek. Love for phones is greater than love for food :D A keen traveller and explorer, enjoys reading and watching movies in his spare time. Joined Swappa in early November 2013 on recommendation from a fellow netoleague (Net-Colleague). You may know him as PG101 on XDA-Developers
  • Paul H.
    Paul H. Paul joined the Swappa team in February 2014. He enjoys learning how things work especially anything to do with tech. Loves Programming and video games in his free time. Hates strawberries and talking about himself.
  • Michael Lipson
    Michael Lipson Mike joined the Swappa team in February of 2014. Magic Mike, as he is known around here, is an enthusiastic software developer. He makes Swappa work.
  • Garrett C.
    Garrett C. joined the Swappa team in May of 2014. He is a computer science student at Montana State University. Enjoys everything electronic, but is most passionate about android. Also a huge Angels fan, and enjoys the great outdoors.
  • Patrick H.
    Patrick H. Patrick joined the Swappa team in May 2014. He is an Android Enthusiast who is passionate about Android and technology in general. He is a professional programmer who has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. He is better known as graffixnyc on the XDA-Developers forum where he is a Recognized Developer and Forum Moderator. http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3537886
  • Joshua Grady
    Joshua Grady Joshua joined the Swappa team in September of 2014. For many years, he has been passionate about technology, especially Android devices. This passion made a position with Swappa feel incredibly natural. Outside of technology, he enjoys keeping up with several TV shows and reading the occasional book. You can find him occasionally lurking around XDA-Developers under the username nograsswillgrow.
  • Brenda
    Brenda Brenda is a user and vocal proponent of Swappa. She is prior USAF and has held a number of positions at technology and security companies before joining the Swappa team. Her first "smart" phone was a Blackberry and since first trying Android, she has never looked back. In her free time, she taxis across South California funding her son, a youth hockey goalie. She likes wine (red), enjoys music and the camaraderie of family, friends, and the Swappa team
  • Peter
    Peter Peter joined the Swappa team in September 2014. He has worked in IT related roles for almost 20 years but only received his first android smart phone in 2012. Since then, he has adopted the platform with a passion. Peter lives in Thailand and makes up part of the friendly Swappa night-shift crew.
  • Iván Lao
    Iván Lao (Development) Ivan joined Swappa in 2014 as a software developer. We believe Ivan may secretly write code for The Avengers given his ability to quickly complete projects and provide valuable insights on a wide range of projects. Our friend started experimenting with programming at a very young age and has been a professional developer for the past five years. He is a fan of FC Barcelona fútbol, enjoys relaxing at the beach and having fun with friends.
  • Guillermo A.
    Guillermo A. (Development) Backend Developer, python enthusiastic, and django lover. Join Swappa team in March 2015. Likes all related with technology and dance Salsa music.