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How Shipping Works on Swappa

Standard Shipping

Sellers pay for standard ground, so cost is included in the listing price

  • Ships within 2 business days
  • Tracking and insurance required
  • Sellers pay, usually $10-15

Express Shipping

Buyers pay extra for faster shipping, if offered by the seller

  • Ships within 1 business day
  • Tracking and insurance provided
  • Buyers pay, cost varies by seller

Local Delivery

Buyers and sellers split the cost of next day, door-to-door delivery

  • Ships in 24 hours, delivered same day
  • No meetups or cash exchanges
  • Sellers pay $10, buyers pay the rest

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping for marketplace sales is included in the listing price.

Sellers ship within 1-2 business days for standard shipping. Packages usually arrive 3-6 business days later depending on the carrier.

Seller pays for standard shipping with tracking and insurance. This usually costs around $10-15, depending on the item and carrier.

How do I package for shipping?

Step 1: Gather some simple everyday supplies to ensure the item arrives safely.

Sturdy Box

Sturdy box with at least 2 inches of extra space on each side of the device

Packing Material

Top sellers recommend crumpled newspaper and packing peanuts

Packaging Tape

Packing tape to securely seal the box ensuring it won't open during transit

Step 2: Pack it using one of our handy guides.

Step 3: Drop off the package or schedule a pick-up. Don't forget tracking and insurance.

Express Shipping

Sellers may offer express shipping for marketplace sales for an additional fee.

Sellers ship within 1 business day, expedited for express shipping. Packages usually arrive 1-2 days later depending on the carrier.

Buyer pays extra for express shipping if offered. The price is determined by the seller and displayed on the listing, paid when purchased.

Express shipping should use one of the following delivery services:

UPS Next Day Air Saver

FedEx Standard Overnight

Local Delivery

Swappa Local is a safe and easy way to buy and sell without ever leaving your home. No more searching for packing tape and bubble wrap or frustrating trips to the post office. Just simple, next-day local pickup and delivery -- without the meetups or cash exchanges.

We partnered with Roadie, a UPS Company, for fast local pickup and delivery in 48 metros.

Swappasaurus Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Swappa uses the shipping address the buyer enters during the checkout process. The buyers shipping address is then passed to PayPal, and per PayPal policies, sellers are required to ship to this address in order to maintain eligibility for PayPal protections.

Buyers can also add and edit their shipping address through the My Addresses page on your Swappa profile.

Can I change my address after checkout? No, Swappa does not support changing or updating your shipping address after the payment has been sent. However, if the seller is comfortable shipping to a different address, the buyer can supply the address …

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Sellers on Swappa are responsible for the condition of the product until it's delivered to the buyer's shipping address. The policies outlined below are crucial when preparing to ship a device:

Standard shipping (paid by the seller):

  • With standard shipping, sellers are required to ship within two business days after the date they receive their payment
  • Sellers should include the cost of standard shipping (ground shipping with tracking and proper insurance) in the "Ask Price" of their listing

Express shipping (paid by the buyer):

  • With Express Shipping, sellers are required to ship the same or the next business …

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Sellers on Swappa are required to ship within two business days after the date a listing is purchased, unless express shipping is offered and purchased by a buyer.

If the listing is purchased on: The seller ships and provides tracking by the end of the day on:
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday, Saturday or Sunday Tuesday

Note: Holidays do not count as business days. For example: If the listing is purchased on a Monday, and Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday is a holiday, the seller needs to ship and provide tracking by the end of the day …

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Sellers on Swappa are able to select an option to offer expedited shipping on their listings. Expedited shipping is available to buyers in the 48 contiguous US states, and the cost of shipping is set by the seller and paid for by the buyer.

Expedited shipping has certain requirements the seller must follow:

  • Sellers are required to ship the package the same or next business day (with the exception of national holidays)

For example: If an item is purchased on a Friday, it must be shipped on Saturday. And, if the item is purchased on a Saturday or Sunday, it …

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No. Although we can't stop you from shipping multiple items within the same package, we highly advise against it.

In order to remain eligible for PayPal seller protection, you must ship each item in its own package with tracking and full insurance. Once shipped, please upload the tracking information for each package to your private sale pages.

Similarly, please do not bundle several items into a single listing unless they are accessories such as video game controllers, camera lenses, phone cases, chargers, etc.

Read More:

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Shipping issues are rare on Swappa thanks to our detailed shipping policies. However, if something does go wrong, inform the seller by leaving a comment on your private sale page.

Swappa’s general stance on delivery issues is as follows:

  • If the shipping service doesn’t deliver the item to the proper location, or if the seller ships to the wrong address, the seller should escalate this with the shipping service via an insurance claim and eventually issue a refund if the shipment is deemed lost.
  • If the shipping service confirms the shipment is delivered to the proper location, the …

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Swappa Local is currently available in 48 metros, with more coming soon. Find out if you’re in a supported metro on the Swappa Local homepage.

Read more about "Where can I get Swappa Local deliveries?"

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