A swap spot is a public meeting place chosen by the seller to complete a local sale.

You can learn more about Swap Spots here: https://swappa.com/blog/swappa-local-swap-spots/

Swappa will suggest locations which are generally open and available to the public, such as a police department designated area, coffee shop, or a local repair shop. Selection of a swap spot is chosen by the seller of a listing.

The buyer and seller will communicate after a local listing is purchased to determine the time and date of the meeting to complete the sale.

A swap spot should be a safe place. If the meeting location for a sale does not look or feel safe, then do not go (or leave immediately) and address your concerns with the seller and Swappa staff on the private sale page. No Swappa user should ever visit a non-safe or non-public space for a local transaction.

Please note: Swappa does not independently verify the conditions at any swap spot location, does not monitor meeting locations, and does not guarantee their safety or condition. As a user, you are solely responsible for your selection and use of community meeting areas, along with any disputes arising out of that usage. This includes deciding against using the specified swap spot.

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