Please refer to our updated FAQ page here for the latest info regarding this topic.

The sale fee for a sale can be refunded if the sale is void due to the fault of the seller or Swappa.

The money paid to Swappa is a service fee. If we do not perform our services as advertised, resulting in a failed sale, you are entitled to a refund. However, refunds are subject to PayPal's refund limitations, and we do not offer reimbursements of sale fees outside of PayPal's refund window.

A buyer who chooses to void a sale through no fault of the seller or Swappa is not entitled to a refund of the sale fee, and refunds of the sale fee in these situations are at the discretion of Swappa's support team. Please be sure to refrain from filing PayPal disputes again our sale fee! This causes extra headache for everyone involved and can delay the refund of our sale fee.