If you're unable to submit a payment for a listing you're interested in, this is generally related to a few different things: * An issue with your payment source (bank, credit card company, etc.) * An issue with the PayPal account you're attempting to use * Occasionally an issue with the seller's PayPal account not being able to receive payments

It's rather uncommon for payment issues to be related to Swappa or PayPal as a whole, so in these kinds of situations, the first step to take when you're unable to pay is to give your payment source and PayPal a call to find out if there are any limitations on their ends. For example, PayPal may occasionally require that a buyer provide a confirmed address when they submit a payment, and some banks place limitations on certain payment amounts to help prevent fraud.

If you're still having issues with purchasing a listing after following these steps, please contact our support team using our help form. Be sure to attach a link to the listing you're trying to purchase, along with a through summary of the situation, any error messages you receive when trying to purchase, and a list of the troubleshooting steps you've taken so far. This will allow us to follow up with the seller if needed to ensure their PayPal account is ready to receive payments.

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