This generally depends on the severity of the burn-in and dead pixels. With devices that have minor burn-in or a few dead pixels that doesn't interfere with the ability to use the device and view content on the screen, the device can be listed in the good or fair condition category.

If the device has major burn-in or several dead pixels due to the extent that it's constantly visible when using the device or interferes with using the device, it's best not to list it on Swappa to avoid potential issues when a buyer receives the device. We also do not permit devices with other major screen defects, such as large patches of dead pixels or colored lines running through the display.

If you're not sure if your device should be listed, feel free to use our help form to reach out to our support team and provide a link to a photo of your device displaying the burn-in. Or simply reach out to us at [email protected] and attach your device photo directly to the email for us to review.

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