Broken Phone Repair Guide

Broken Phone Repair Guide

Americans are endlessly creative — in both how we break our phones and how we try to repair them.

For example, a man drops his phone while trying to take a selfie (amazingly, the cause of 5% of all screen cracks) and then tries to fix the problem by smearing it with toothpaste. A woman’s cat knocks her phone off the bathroom counter and into the toilet. She tries to fix it by placing the wet phone in a bag of cat litter for two days… Yes, these are true stories.

Of course, we’re never going to stop breaking our phones, and we’re always going to be on the search for creative, money-saving hacks. Therefore, to help you determine the best way to handle your broken phone, we’ve compiled some of our favorite frequently asked questions on the issue of phone repair.

Can I handle phone repair myself?

You might be able to, but you shouldn’t. While there are plenty of DIY kits and how-to videos that make phone repair seem pretty straightforward, it doesn’t save you much time or money in the end.

In fact, depending on your device, the repair kits can actually cost more than phone repair with a local phone repair shop. Just as important, when you trust the repair with a professional, you make sure your phone retains its full resale value.

How much does phone repair cost?

It depends on your device and the phone repair issue. To find out how much it costs to fix your phone, search the Swappa Repair Network for a reliable phone repair shop near you. Many of the shop profiles include repair estimates for common issues, including cracked screen, battery performance, and water damage.

To see how much it costs to repair your phone and what it’s worth repaired, use the Swappa Phone Repair Calculator.

I dropped my phone in water. Should I put it in a bag of rice?

Short answer: no. There are many alleged online hacks for curing smart phone water damage — including cat litter, oatmeal, couscous, and quinoa — but even the best outcomes are only temporary. (And do you really want your wet phone sitting in cat litter for a few days?)

The other downside, most of these hacks require time, telling you to wait at least 24-36 hours before testing the phone. Our recommendation: Find a local repair shop and get it done right, right away.

I need my phone back! What’s the fastest way to get my phone repaired?

We know you can’t bear the thought of being without your phone for a few days, but fortunately, the majority of professional repair shops can handle most phone repair issues in just a matter of hours.

Is it even worth repairing? I’m probably just going to get a new phone.

Even if you’re thinking about getting a new phone, you should consider having your broken phone repaired. Your phone has resale value, and you might even be surprised by how much it’s worth.

Find out how much it costs to repair your phone and what it’s worth repaired. Use the Swappa Phone Repair Calculator.