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Where can I sell my tablet?

Swappa is the perfect place to sell your tablet. Unlike other websites that offer you less money or gift cards for online retailers, we offer a safe, easy-to-use marketplace that lets you get the most for your device. Whether you're looking to clean out your technology drawer by selling your old tablet or don't use your current one enough to justify having it, you're sure to find a willing buyer with us. By offering Paypal for transactions on our site, you can get cash for your tablet, not just credit to use on something else you'll want to sell in a few months

How much can I sell my tablet for?

There are a number of factors that go into pricing a tablet, including its age, its storage size, and the speed of its processor, not to mention its brand. To find out how much cash you can get for your tablet, use the fields above to find your device and take a look at the average transaction prices. As of this writing, there are tablets selling for over $1000 in the Swappa marketplace.

How to clean your tablet before selling it

You want to make sure you're careful when cleaning your tablet for sale; it's a complex electronic device, after all. First of all, turn off your tablet and unplug any cables and then use a lightly-moistened microfiber cloth to wipe it gently. You'll want to avoid using any household cleaning solution or solvents; they can damage the screen or body of the tablet.

How to sell a broken tablet

Simply put, you can't sell any non-functional device in the Swappa marketplace. We protect both buyers and sellers by enforcing strict policies that require any device be working and in good condition.

If you have a device with a cracked screen or similar defect, you may want to consider the Swappa Repair Network. While primarily focused on phone repair, many of the locations listed also repair other digital devices, including tablets.

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