All communication on Swappa takes place in the public comments on listing pages. Since Swappa doesn't permit any kind of personal contact information to be shared (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), all discussion before making a purchase must remain public in the comments. Swappa limits communication like this to ensure the support team is able to efficiently moderate all discussion as needed.

Once a listing is purchased, a sale page is provided to allow the buyer and seller to communicate privately. Only the seller, buyer, and Swappa's support team can see the comments posted on this page.

Please note that all of these same rules apply to listings with the Swappa Local pickup option as well. Please also ensure that all comments posted meet Swappa's appropriate comment guidelines!

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Swappa makes it safe and easy to buy and sell used phones and quality tech devices. We have a no junk policy and our support team actually reviews and approves each listing. This keeps scammers away so you can buy with confidence. Read more on our blog.

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