If you'd like to cancel a sale as a seller, please first comment on the sale page tied to the transaction to inform the buyer on why you won't be fulfilling the sale. You should then promptly refund their payment and let our support team know once this is done. This can be done by leaving another comment on the sale page and checking the "Swappa I need Help!" box for our assistance.

If you'd like to request a cancellation as a buyer, please leave a comment on the sale page to see if the seller is willing to issue a refund. Please note that we do consider all Swappa purchases to be final and binding, so a seller has to willingly agree to cancel before any refund can be issued.

Please note that issuing a refund may result in PayPal’s fee being withheld, causing the seller to have to cover this amount. Please keep this in mind when handling refunds during cancellations.

For Swappa Local transactions, we highly discourage trying to back out of a transaction except in emergency situations, as this could be a large inconvenience to the other party involved in the sale.

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