Top selling used phones – August 2019

Top selling used phones – August 2019

With August now officially behind us, it’s time once again for Swappa’s monthly sales recap. We’ve put together ten of the top selling phones from last month. Not only is it fun to see which phones are the most popular on Swappa, but also which phones are in high demand and the current going rate for those looking to buy or sell.

Here are the Swappa marketplace’s best selling used phones for the month of August 2019, along with average selling price for each.

Top Selling Phones on Swappa

  1. Apple iPhone 7 – with an average price of $223
  2. Apple iPhone 6S – with an average price of $143
  3. Apple iPhone 7 Plus – with an average price of $311
  4. Apple iPhone 8 – with an average price of $371
  5. Apple iPhone Xr – with an average price of $598
  6. Apple iPhone 8 Plus – with an average price of $385
  7. Apple iPhone X – with an average price of $540
  8. Samsung Galaxy S7 – with an average price of$121
  9. Samsung Galaxy S8 – with an average price of $218
  10. Apple iPhone Xs Max – with an average price of $859

For the fifth month in a row now, the Apple iPhone 7 is holding onto that number one spot. Only two Android phones have made the list for August — the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7. Excluding the iPhone X, Xr and Xs Max, average prices for the top selling phones are well under $400.

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Updated on September 4, 2019 • On Monthly Report