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Dontae in the Philadelphia area - Feb. 19, 2021
Eddie Ellwood in the Lehigh Valley area - Dec. 9, 2020
kmok @xda in the Columbus area - Nov. 13, 2020
Michael T. in the Eugene area - Oct. 9, 2020

Visible Options

Looking for a cheap Visible compatible phone or plan?

What network is Visible on?

Visible is an MVNO that uses the Verizon network to provide data, talk and text service.

Does Visible have an unlimited plan?

Yes, Visible does offer a plan with unlimited data starting at $40.00 per month. Visit the Visible plans page to see service options.

Is Visible prepaid or postpaid?

Visible is prepaid, meaning you pay in advance for your service and plan features, such as data, talk and text.

Does Visible check credit?

Visible provides prepaid service and thus does not typically need to check your credit to provide a service plan.

How much does Visible cost?

Visible plans start at $40.00 per month. Visit the Visible plans page to see available options.

Can I use my phone on Visible?

Yes, Visible allows you to bring your own phone (BYOP), meaning you can buy a compatible phone from a site like Swappa and use it with Visible.

Contact Visible

Text 99370 for 24/7 SMS text support
24/7 online chat support

Learn more by visiting Visible's site directly.

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