The best side quests you can play in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The best side quests you can play in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Despite releasing just three years ago, Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch has become one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. This should come as no surprise, as Breath of the Wild features an expansive open world environment with plenty of diverse gameplay experiences, leading to nearly limitless adventure and discovery.

Unlike the more traditional linear gameplay of previous Zelda games, Breath of the Wild incorporates open world mechanics to give gamers more freedom than ever before. This leads to a personalized experience that’s unique to every player and play through, with countless hours of quality content. But like all open world games, you risk missing out on great side quests unless you know where to look.

This is where our handy guide comes in. We selected a handful of the best side quests in Breath of the Wild so that you don’t miss out. Follow along as we traverse the Kingdom of Hyrule and beyond.


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From the Ground Up

  • Location: Hateno Village and Tarrey Town
  • Reward: Access to Tarrey Town, 3 Diamond
  • Quest Giver: Hudson

From the very start, this side quest is truly a unique experience. Few other quests can transport you into the world of Hyrule like From the Ground Up. In order to initiate the quest, you most first own the house in Hateno Village. When there is nothing left to build, Bolson will send you a crewman named Hudson. You’ll find Hudson near Lake Akkala, working on his very own town, Tarrey Town. This is where the quest officially begins.

After you finish helping Hudson build Tarrey Town, you gain access to some rare items such as a special armor set. This quest really demonstrates the dynamic nature of the open world, and how Hyrule can change and evolve in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Because of this, From the Ground Up is a side quest that every player should complete.

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Gerudo’s Side Quests

  • Location: Gerudo Town
  • Reward: Assorted (complete all to receive Thunder Helm)
  • Quest Giver: Riju, Leena, Malena, Bozai, Dalia, Greta, Isha

After your travels through Hyrule take you to the southwest corner of the map, you’ll eventually make your way to Gerudo Town. Once there, you’ll find a number of villagers in need of Link’s help.

Gerudo’s Side Quests aren’t particularly well linked. But after completing all of them, you receive a very special item: Thunder Helm. Aside from adding +9000 virtual style points, Thunder Helm makes you immune to lightning, something that becomes incredibly useful late game.

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Hunt for the Giant Horse

  • Location: Mounted Archery Camp
  • Reward: Giant Horse (duh)
  • Quest Giver: Straia

Hunt for the Giant Horse is a noteworthy Breath of the Wild side quest because it gives you one of the coolest items in the game: Giant Horse. Begin this quest by contacting Straia, located just south of the Lake Tower.

While its 0 Stamina points mean that Giant Horse isn’t exactly the most practical steed; Giant Horse makes up for its lack of mobility with 5 Strength points. More importantly, Giant Horse simply looks awesome — and the horse unquestionably pays homage to Ganandorf’s horse in previous Zelda games.

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Eventide Shrine

  • Location: Highest point of Eventide Island
  • Reward: Access to Korgu Chideh Shrine
  • Quest Giver: N/A (Special challenge at highest point)

As you level up in Breath of the Wild, Link gains abilities and experience. You’ll also acquire special items that help you along the way. After all, It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this. What makes Eventide Shrine so special is that it puts all players on an even playing field and (temporarily) strips much of this progression from you.

Embark on this quest by reaching the highest point on Eventide Island (southeast corner). From there, your goal will be to place three metal orbs on various altars that you can find on the island’s edges. When you start the quest, you are temporarily stripped of your supplies, weapons, and armor. But don’t worry; it’s worth it. Your reward will be access to the Korgu Chideh Shrine.

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Dragon Scales

  • Location: Various
  • Reward: Assorted loot (depends on which part of the dragon you shoot)
  • Quest Giver: N/A

As you journey through the Kingdom of Hyrule, you will occasionally see dragons soaring in the skies above you. These creatures are more than decoration, as they can actually be shot down with arrows if you’re close enough. Taking down one of these beasts earns you powerful items that serve to upgrade your armor and weaponry.

Keep in mind that the loot you get depends on what part of the dragon you shoot. In other words, experiment by shooting at different parts such as the dragon’s horns, claws, fangs, and body to get all the different items.

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The main quest in Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an unforgettable experience. But thanks to its open world nature, there are also plenty of side quests to explore. These quests not only let you spend more time immersed in the Kingdom of Hyrule, but they also give you plenty of powerful items and valuable loot. All this amounts to an even better experience when playing Breath of the Wild.

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