Tech for College Students on a Budget

Tech for College Students on a Budget

It’s time for a little back to school shopping! For all you college students, we know that tuition isn’t cheap,  and neither is the tech you need to ace those exams and write those papers. Instead of throwing down over a grand for a new computer, consider buying gently used tech on Swappa – as a way to save money, while still staying up to date with the latest tech.


If you’re unfamiliar with Swappa, we are a safe user-to-user marketplace for buying and selling newish tech. We call it newish, because the gently used products sold on Swappa must be fully-functional and are held to a higher standard than other marketplaces. Unlike Craigslist and Ebay, every listing for sale on Swappa is manually reviewed by our group of tech experts to ensure you receive your item in the condition you expect.


To fully understand how much you can save when you buy on Swappa, we compared the price of some of most popular devices to their full retail prices. Check out these great tech deals for back to school.


Nintendo Switch

$299.99 $250Save up to $50 when you buy on Swappa

A gaming console that invites others to join. The Switch is one of the fastest growing gaming consoles that both new and experienced gamers love. The mobile device is great for playing in the dorm, as well as for taking it on the go.


MacBook Pro

$1500 $525 – Save up to $975 when you buy on Swappa

For students who love Apple, the MacBook Pro has a sleek design, is lightweight and has an excellent battery life.  The MacBook Pro also has plenty of storage for all your school files, and comes with creative software for creating videos, editing photos or making music. Not sure if the Pro is the right model for you? Check out our MacBook buying guide to make sure.


Google Home Mini

$49 $29 – Save up to $20 when you buy on Swappa

Whether you live in the dorms, or in your own place, the Google Home Mini can help you send text messages, play music, or set alerts to remind you when an assignment is due. Starting under $40, it’s great for students who want to stay up to date on the latest tech.


iPad Mini

$140 $80 –  Save up to $60 when you buy on Swappa

With its 7.9-inch display, the iPad Mini  has a crisp display for watching lectures online, doing the reading for class,  or for FaceTiming family. Its sleek design and small size make it easy to slide into a backpack, and is great for students who are always on the go.



$300 $215 – Save up to $75 when you buy on Swappa

The Chromebook is the most affordable option for laptops. Chromebooks are ideal for students who don’t need to store anything on their computer and can access their schoolwork online. Lightweight, affordable, and easy to use, Chromebooks are great options for students who do everything on the web.


Video Games

$60 $30 – Save up to $30 when you buy a video game on Swappa

From PS4 gamers, to Nintendo Switch fans, you can find the top games, for less on Swappa. For students always on the go, check out games for the Nintendo Switch like Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Smash Bros. For PS4 or Xbox One gamers, check out our top selling games like Far Cry 5 or God of War.


Whichever device you decide is right for you, Swappa is the perfect place to stay up to date with the latest tech. With a huge selection of gently used laptops, tablets and video games, Swappa can ease both your mind and your wallet when it finally comes time to buy tech for back to school.


And if you want to make a few extra bucks, remember you will make the most money when you sell your old devices on Swappa. This is because the Swappa marketplace allows you to deal directly with buyers. With no middleman getting in the way, you always get top dollar for your old devices. That means more money in your wallet, and more money to upgrade to something new. Start selling on Swappa. 



Updated on August 1, 2018 • On Swappa