How to ship on Swappa

How to ship on Swappa

Shipping is an important part of the buying/selling process on Swappa. Whether you’re a first-time seller looking for info on how to ship or you’re a prospective buyer wondering how shipping on Swappa works, in this post we’ll cover all the basics.


How shipping on Swappa works

On Swappa, sellers deal directly with buyers in our marketplace, cutting out the middleman in the process. This means sellers are responsible for the shipping and handling of their item. According to Swappa’s safe and standard shipping policy, sellers must ship their item within 2 business days of receiving payment. Sellers should keep a close eye on their email inbox, as we’ll notify them as soon as their item has sold. Once shipped, sellers are expected to communicate this to the buyer by adding the necessary tracking info to their private sale page.

Shipping charges

Whether it’s the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx or anything in between, choice in courier service is entirely up to the seller (as long as the item is shipped with proper insurance and a tracking number is provided). Because the cost of shipping is already included in the the price of the seller’s item, buyers don’t have to worry about paying any additional shipping charges (unless they’re looking for Express Shipping) and gives sellers the flexibility to choose their preferred shipping service.

If you’re a seller, actual shipping charges vary by the courier but you can check prices by visiting their appropriate pages online. If you’re looking for the best value, USPS is probably your best bet with 2-3 day Priority Shipping being the most affordable (especially if you provide your own packaging). For rates, hit the appropriate links below.

Express Shipping

Because everyone likes having options, sellers can add a special Express Shipping option to their listing. Shown on the listings page (noted by the little orange lightning bolt symbol), Express Shipping means the seller is willing to ship the same or next business day (including Saturday). Sellers are also required to ship using one of the three following methods:

Sellers should contact their preferred courier service to figure out pricing for this service, then add the dollar amount in the Express Shipping Price field — which is separate from the listing price of the item.

Buyers like having options, especially if they need a replacement device in a hurry and it makes your listing stand out from others in the marketplace. An orange lightning bolt icon will appear in listing results letting buyers know you provide this option for your product.

Confirmed shipping address

Nearly all sellers in the marketplace require a “confirmed shipping address” via PayPal and it’s something Swappa strongly encourages. So, what is it? A PayPal confirmed address is a special status PayPal gives to shipping addresses that also match the billing address tied to a buyer’s credit card.

Remember, having a “verified account” through PayPal is NOT the same as having a “confirmed address.”

A confirmed address works as an added security layer to help protect sellers and although it doesn’t prevent fraud in every case, it’s strongly advised that all buyers confirm their shipping address through PayPal to avoid any issues.

According to PayPal support, buyers are able to confirm a shipping address using one of the following methods:

  • Add a credit card to your PayPal account
  • Apply for a PayPal Mastercard

How to ship your item

Once payment has been received, sellers are responsible for the prompt and safe delivery of their item into the hands of the buyer. That means ensuring the item arrives in the condition described in the original listing, undamaged.

Sellers should securely package the item and use the proper postage — including tracking and insurance — to prevent any issues that could arise during shipment. To help protect sellers, Swappa recommends the following safe shipping practices:

  • Sellers should only ship to the address attached to the buyer’s PayPal payment (confirmed address if possible) – You can find the full list of PayPal’s recommended shipping steps here.
  • Always ship with a tracking number – If the package is not received by the buyer and no tracking number is available, the seller will be held responsible by the buyer and/or PayPal.
  • Ship with proper insurance that covers the full value of the shipment – If the package is lost or delivered damaged to the buyer, the seller will be held responsible by the buyer and/or PayPal. Shipping with insurance helps protect you against unfortunate circumstances.

How to pack your item

As a seller, your number one goal should be to ensure the safe delivery of your item once it’s been sold. That means it’s important to pack and ship it properly. While you could always use the packing materials provided by USPS, UPS, or FedEx stores, you can dramatically reduce your shipping costs by using your own materials. You can find just about all of the packing materials you’ll need at your local Walmart or you can order in bulk from Amazon.

What you’ll need:

  • Shipping box
  • Thick bubble wrap (14 sq ft+ for bigger items)
  • Packaging tape
  • Shipping label (either print ahead of time or fill one out during drop off)

For safe packing and shipping, you’re going to need a box big enough to fit your item (or the original box it comes in) and enough packing material to keep it from getting damaged during the long trip to its new owner. The box should big enough to fit your item and still have about an inch or two of space around each side to allow for bubble wrap, crushed paper, or other protective packing material. Once it’s packed, tape it up, bring it to your desire shipping service and you’re good to go.

Printing a shipping label

PayPal print shipping label

At this point, the only thing left is slapping a shipping label on your box and sending it off. You can either fill out the shipping label ahead of time by printing out a label (label paper is ideal, but regular paper + tape also works), or just fill out a label at the Post Office, UPS Store, or FedEx Ship Center. The choice is entirely up to you.

As a seller, if you plan to print the shipping label ahead of time, that can (in most cases), be done using the USPS, FedEx or UPS websites. Sellers may also have the option of purchasing and printing a shipping label directly through their PayPal account.

Once you’ve shipped your item, just remember to fill out the tracking info on the private sale page so the buyer is kept in the loop. Good commerce comes from constant communication both before and after the sale.


Hopefully this post was able to answer any of the questions you may have surrounding shipping on Swappa. Need anything else? Check out our seller FAQ for more answers to commonly asked questions, or feel free to reach out to our support staff for additional help.