How much is the iPhone 11 Pro?

How much is the iPhone 11 Pro?

Launched in September 2019, the iPhone 11 Pro sits alongside the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 as part of the current generation Apple iPhone lineup. Not too long ago, we took an in-depth look at the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and found them to be superb devices thanks to the speedy A13 Bionic processor, their class-leading displays, and impressive photo and video capabilities.

We also recently looked at how you could save up to $400 by buying a gently used iPhone 11 Pro Max on Swappa, but not everyone wants a 6.5-inch phablet. Luckily, the iPhone 11 Pro takes all the power and features from the Pro Max and packs them into a more pocket-able 5.8-inch size. Read on to find out how you can save up to $259 when buying a used iPhone 11 Pro on Swappa!

iPhone 11 Pro Price

MSRP Unlocked Verizon T-Mobile AT&T Sprint
iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) $999 $859+ $795+ $825+ $800+ $850+
iPhone 11 Pro (256GB) $1149 $885+ $879 $999+ N/A N/A
iPhone 11 Pro (512GB) $1349 $1100+ $1200+ N/A N/A $1135+

Let’s not mince our words here: The iPhone 11 Pro is a very expensive phone. Starting at $999 for the 64GB model and ballooning up to $1349 for 512GB, you have to pay to play when you buy new. But fret not; you can save quite a bit of money by buying a newish iPhone 11 Pro on Swappa.

Depending on your storage and carrier selections, you can save up to $204 on the 64GB model, $270 on the 256GB model, and $249 on the 512GB model. This substantially brings down the cost of entry for the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer, and also makes it easier for new buyers to upgrade to higher storage tiers.




iPhone 11 Pro Price History

iPhone 11 Pro Price History on Swappa

As we’ve covered in great detail, Apple iPhones hold their value extremely well. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re immune to depreciation. Just like all other tech toys, even Apple iPhones lose value over time.

As you can see above, the iPhone 11 Pro has seen a gradual decline in resale value since it’s September launch. In these past 4 months, the average sales price across all storage sizes fell by $245. And since prices are always falling, it’s always the right time to buy.


The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is nothing short of an amazing device. It packs some of the best features, performance, and cameras into a compact and aesthetically pleasing frame. Unfortunately, this means that it also commands a rather hefty price tag. Thankfully, buying a gently used iPhone 11 Pro on Swappa can save you up to $270.

Swappa is the safest and easiest way to buy and sell used tech. And thanks to our strict “no junk” policy, you’ll feel confident knowing that Swappa has your back. After all, each and every listing is screened by our expert moderation team before it goes live in order to ensure that you’re buying a fully functional device that is ready for activation on the network of your choosing.

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