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+1 rating by Carlos MH on Aug 12, 2020:

Shipped as described, thank you.

+1 rating by Ismael T. on Aug 10, 2020:

Item received

+1 rating by mario r. on Aug 03, 2020:

great seller,phone arrived as described,shipping was very quick thanks!

+1 rating by sara A. on Aug 03, 2020:

The purchase was canceled per my request. Thank you!

+1 rating by Tyler N. on Jul 31, 2020:

dope. phone works great

+1 rating by Nikaya R. on Jul 30, 2020:

I purchased the iphone XR from this buyer about a week ago and it's honestly so perfect. I'm writing this review so that if anyone is interested in buying from this seller they are more confident because I am happy with my purchase and EXTREMELY grateful this phone came with a screen protector because my case didn't come until about a week after i purchased the phone and I have bad luck with phone screens :/. Also it only took 2 days to ship so also AWESOME!

+1 rating by Mark W. on Jul 30, 2020:


+1 rating by Luke R. on Jul 30, 2020:

Came with very cheap screen protector applied which cracked from just setting the phone down on a table while in a case. Took the screen protector off and everything was fine after that.

+1 rating by Aaron T on Jul 28, 2020:

Item exactly as described. Received very quickly.

+1 rating by Parker M. on Jul 28, 2020:

Item as described

+1 rating by Peris M. on Jul 28, 2020:

The phone is in almost-excellent shape and great value for my money. Thank you so much! Was nice doing business with you!

+1 rating by Kay joe AG3060 on Jul 25, 2020:


+1 rating by Gavin C. on Jul 25, 2020:

Phone was in perfect condition; it was even better than described and everything works great. Shipping was fast and came well packaged.

+1 rating by Caesar N. on Jul 24, 2020:

Phone looks good, nothing bad about it.

+1 rating by Maikel J. on Jul 24, 2020:


+1 rating by Erica B. on Jul 24, 2020:

Very pleased with my new phone will definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy a phone

+1 rating by Patrick B. on Jul 23, 2020:

Phone received in expected condition. Everything works great.

+1 rating by Larry on Jul 23, 2020:

Shipped out same buisness day as promised, came packed well and was as pictured and promised. I just wished the seller cleaned the phone as the phone wasn't very clean and the ear speaker was clogged but it was easy to clean. I would buy again from this seller.

+1 rating by Jhon S. on Jul 23, 2020:


+1 rating by PETER M. on Jul 21, 2020:

I'm sorry to review the sale so late. I have received the product and I'm a happy man!!!

+1 rating by Timothy T. on Jul 21, 2020:

Thanks, phone came as described, everything is great

-1 rating by Von P. on Jul 20, 2020:

Phone is on a black list..

+1 rating by Brian U. on Jul 20, 2020:

Very nice condition and fast shipping.

+1 rating by K C. on Jul 13, 2020:


-1 rating by Manuel T. on Jun 10, 2020:

Worst online shopping experience of my life, ever.

First, i got a defective unit, so i had to wait for a replacement to arrive, but for them to send it, they had to wait for the defective one to arrive.

In the meantime, i offered to buy another phone, so that my wife didn't have to be without a phone for 2 weeks, but seller said no, and in the end that's exactly how long we had to wait. I even had to get my wife a temporary phone.

Seller then offered 1 day shipping on the replacement one, which ended up being 3 days instead... Seller went for the cheaper option, phone arrived at my local FedEx on a Friday, and even though i tried to pick it up in person on Saturday, FedEx said they couldn't give it to me, because the sender paid for a Monday delivery. They even told me they opened the container, and took only the Saturday packages out... and that the rest had to sit there and wait until Monday.

Super frustrating.

In the end, seller tried to blame it all on FedEx.

+1 rating by Ryan L. on Apr 29, 2020:

Good phone.

+1 rating by Christopher G. on Apr 09, 2020:

The phone was as described. Shipped fast.

+1 rating by Eddie H. on Apr 09, 2020:

item as described, thank you

+1 rating by Michael N. on Apr 05, 2020:

Great seller!

+1 rating by marbobx on Apr 03, 2020:

Not responsive

+1 rating by Promise on Mar 16, 2020:


+1 rating by Eric S. on Mar 12, 2020:

Outstanding phone and service

+1 rating by Jeffry G. on Mar 10, 2020:

exactly as described, thanks

+1 rating by Jose S. on Mar 09, 2020:

Product as described

+1 rating by ben g. on Mar 04, 2020:

all good

+1 rating by Mickey N. on Feb 28, 2020:

In perfect condition arrived fast and after having it for a while it works great.

+1 rating by Scott B. on Feb 23, 2020:

Perfect Condition. Amazing.

+1 rating by Neo P. on Feb 23, 2020:


+1 rating by Bernard C. on Feb 20, 2020:

Everything came exactly as described, thank you guys.

+1 rating by Logan M. on Jan 22, 2020:

The phone they sent me had a defective microphone. My grace period for a return had passed but they still paid for my postage to ship the phone to be fixed and returned to me at no charge. It works great now. Very positive experience with this seller.

+1 rating by Timothy F. on Jan 21, 2020:

AAA Excellent, iPhone 7 as described, quick shipping!!

(0) rating by joseph D. on Jan 20, 2020:

phone arrived exactly how described.

+1 rating by SreeN on Jan 02, 2020:

The phone is in the promised condition.

+1 rating by Charlie T. on Dec 29, 2019:

This seller was quick and handled my concerns nicely. The device was in good condition as well.

+1 rating by Ale Sandro on Dec 28, 2019:


+1 rating by Mehlie on Dec 19, 2019:

Perfect ... neater than I expected ????

+1 rating by Thanh T on Dec 19, 2019:


-1 rating by Susan F. on Dec 13, 2019:

I received the phone promptly and it looked as described and it initially worked well. 5 months later, it abruptly stopped working and would not turn on. Upon presenting it to Apple (thinking it may just need a new battery to allow it to charge) I was informed first the sim slot (they were looking for the IMEI) was third party (no biggie) but then later that the screen had been replaced and in fact glued down, making taking it apart to attempt to diagnose impossible. At that point they could not/would not troubleshoot and there was nothing left to do but recycle. While the listing does not state all original parts, or a lack of repair, beware a phone that may be kluged together from various non-Apple replacement parts and in such a way to make it unrepairable should it stop working not long after purchase.

+1 rating by Jeff W. on Dec 13, 2019:

Received phone with defect but the seller made it right in a timely fashion

+1 rating by John doe on Dec 11, 2019:


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