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    • +1 rating by omegarazor @XDA on Jul 18, 2019:

      I ordered this phone from the seller and it was damaged en route to my home. The seller was very helpful and gave me an option for return/exchange or refund. I opted for exchange. They provided the return post and sent very quickly. The exchange phone was in excellent shape. I would definitely buy from this seller again.

      +1 rating by Lyle S. on Jul 16, 2019:

      Came as advertised

      +1 rating by Vincent G. on Jul 13, 2019:

      Shipping took longer than the two days stated and I'm not sure if it's truly unlocked but I'm still happy with my like new note 9. Samsung Knights REJOICE

      +1 rating by Shlomo S. on Jul 11, 2019:

      Thank you, I got the phone pretty quick, and everything was as expected, thank you again

      +1 rating by Alvaro S. on Jul 11, 2019:

      I was skeptical at first, but this phone is flawless in my eyes. All I really cared about the screen and no scratches. I received the phone fairly quickly and it is fast and beautiful. Thank you.

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