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-1 rating by Manuel T. on Jun 10, 2020:

Worst online shopping experience of my life, ever.

First, i got a defective unit, so i had to wait for a replacement to arrive, but for them to send it, they had to wait for the defective one to arrive.

In the meantime, i offered to buy another phone, so that my wife didn't have to be without a phone for 2 weeks, but seller said no, and in the end that's exactly how long we had to wait. I even had to get my wife a temporary phone.

Seller then offered 1 day shipping on the replacement one, which ended up being 3 days instead... Seller went for the cheaper option, phone arrived at my local FedEx on a Friday, and even though i tried to pick it up in person on Saturday, FedEx said they couldn't give it to me, because the sender paid for a Monday delivery. They even told me they opened the container, and took only the Saturday packages out... and that the rest had to sit there and wait until Monday.

Super frustrating.

In the end, seller tried to blame it all on FedEx.

+1 rating by Ryan L. on Apr 29, 2020:

Good phone.

+1 rating by Christopher G. on Apr 09, 2020:

The phone was as described. Shipped fast.

+1 rating by Eddie H. on Apr 09, 2020:

item as described, thank you

+1 rating by Michael N. on Apr 05, 2020:

Great seller!

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