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Safer Selling

Skip the sketchy meetups and back alley deals -- Swappa Local is the safest and easiest way to sell your used tech without ever leaving home.

No Meetups

Local pickup and delivery means no meeting strangers in strange places.

Same Day Pickup

Mark your item ready for pickup and Roadie will pick it up within hours.

PayPal Payments

Trusted payments means more convenience, no cash, and no fake bills.

Local Delivery

We partnered with Roadie (a UPS Company) for fast, easy door-to-door pickup and delivery in 48 metros. Roadie employs a nationwide driver community with fast, flexible, same-day delivery.

Roadie will pick up from your house

Real-time tracking and delivery confirmation

Drivers are screened and verified for safety

How do I make my listing eligible for local delivery?

When creating a listing, you can opt in by ticking the local delivery check box. Buyers can also request local delivery before purchasing.

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When does my item get picked up?

Once your item sells, you have 24 hours to mark it ready for pickup. A trusted Roadie driver will pick up your item and deliver it to the buyer within 4 hours.

Pickups and deliveries are scheduled between 9am and 9pm.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Swappa makes it safe and simple to sell your used tech. Swappa gets you twice as much for your used tech, and our 24/7/365 live support keeps you safe by preventing scams before they happen.

Sell on Swappa Today!

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Make your listing eligible for Swappa Local Delivery by checking the Local Delivery box when creating your listing. Your item will still be eligible for nationwide delivery with standard or express shipping.

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Getting your Swappa Local Delivery item ready for pickup is easy!

  1. Place the item in a solid, sturdy box -- we recommend a clean shoebox, an Amazon box, or any other box you have lying around.
  2. Tape the box shut or place it in a bag. No shipping label needed.
  3. Mark it ready for pickup. That’s it.

Learn more about shipping on Swappa.

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Sellers pay a flat $10 fee and buyers pay the rest based on distance and location. Check out our Swappa Local Delivery Guide to learn how much buyers pay.

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Sellers have 24 hours after an item sells on Swappa Local to mark it ready to ship.

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No, you do not need to be home for a Swappa Local pickup.

A Roadie driver will pick up your item, and we’ll let you know it was picked up and when it arrives to the buyer. Simple as that.

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If you have already confirmed your Swappa Local pickup, you’ll still be charged $10. If you haven’t scheduled the pickup yet and can’t make the 24-hour pickup window, please contact Swappa’s 24/7/365 support team at, and we’ll determine next steps, likely canceling the order.

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Your item is insured up to $100 automatically. At checkout, the buyer can purchase additional insurance for $5 per $500 item value beyond the initial $100. For example, if your item costs $1000, the first $100 is insured for free. The buyer can spend an extra $10 to have the entire purchase price covered.

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Contact Swappa 24/7/365 at or on your sale page. The Swappa team will look at the photos provided by the driver at pickup and delivery and help you determine the next steps.

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Got a question or problem? Swappa is always here to help! Swappa support is available 24/7/365, and we respond within minutes.

You can contact support by creating a ticket on our Help Desk. Alternatively, if you have a question or concern regarding a specific listing or sale, you can leave a comment on the listing or sale page and click the “I need help (alerts Swappa Staff)” checkbox.

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