While most Swappa sales are completed with no issues, there are occasional problems that arise with sales. Most sellers willingly address these problems and assist buyers towards an amicable resolution as we encourage. However, in situations where a resolution cannot be found through discussion on the private sale page, PayPal offers their dispute resolution process to act as a middleman and review the situation as presented by both parties.

It's important to note that we only recommend that disputes be filed when disagreements can't be worked out, along with if a seller simply isn't responsive to a reported issue, and these should generally only be filed if you're instructed to do so by our support team. If a seller is responsive to a problem, disputes generally aren't needed to escalate the matter (except when recommended as part of our return instructions to ensure PayPal is involved in the return process).

Swappa's sale fee payment (sent to us by the buyer for using our service) should never be disputed. We will willingly refund this payment when a sale is not completed at fault of the seller or Swappa. Please also note that payments should never be reversed or disputed directly with your payment processor (bank or credit card company) without explicit permission from our staff. This can extensively complicate the process, especially since PayPal directly provides payment protections.

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