A freight forwarding/reshipper company is a service that acts as a middleman delivery service between a seller in one country and a buyer to another country. With regards to Swappa, buyers using these types of service must ask a seller in the listing comments if they are comfortable with shipping to freight forwarding address here in the US BEFORE purchasing the device (where the comments section is available).

When the seller ships to the reshipper's address provided by PayPal from the buyer’s PayPal account, the seller is only responsible for the device getting to the freight forwarding company. Once it is deemed delivered by the courier chosen, the responsibility of the device getting from the freight forwarding company to the buyer is on the buyer and freight forwarding company. PayPal extends their seller protections to the seller as long as the device is shipped with tracking and is deemed delivered by the chosen courier to the freight forwarding company.

For any returns where the buyer used a freight forwarding service, the seller is not responsible for the international shipping costs to have the device returned to them.

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