Standard Shipping Policies

  • Sellers are expected to ship within two business days of receiving payment. Exceptions apply when express shipping is selected.
  • Standard shipping costs (ground shipping with tracking and insurance in the same country) should be included in the listing price. Sellers on Swappa are responsible for the cost of standard shipping.

Safe Shipping Policies

As a seller, you are responsible for the device and its condition up until it is in the hands of the buyer. You should package your device for safe shipment to ensure the buyer receives it undamaged. Wrap it securely and purchase proper postage, including appropriate insurance.

Swappa highly recommends the following shipping practices for your protection as seller:

  • Ship to the address attached to the buyer's PayPal payment. You can find the full list of PayPal's recommended shipping steps here.
  • Ship with a tracking number. If the package is not received by the buyer, and there is no tracking number, the seller will be held responsible by the buyer and / or PayPal.
  • Ship with appropriate (full) insurance. If the package is lost or delivered damaged to the buyer the seller will usually be held responsible by the buyer and / or PayPal. Shipping with insurance helps protect you against such unfortunate circumstances.

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