Top selling used phones – March 2020

Top selling used phones – March 2020

Today marks the start of a new month, April, and that means we can now look back and see which phones sold the best during the month of March 2020. As we always do in our “Top Selling Used Phones” post, we’ll be looking a the top ten selling phones. We’ll also be looking at how the March list compares to the February list.

You’ll notice that there are some similarities between February and March. To start, the top three phones remained exactly the same — same phone and same position on the list. And overall, seven of the top ten phones remained the same, though there were some overall position changes. We also saw two Android phones make the list in February, and two again this month. However, they were two different phones. The February list included the Galaxy S8 (position 8) and the Galaxy S9 Plus (position 10), and this time around we are seeing the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Anyway — here are the top ten selling phones and their average selling prices.

Top selling used phones from March 2020

One other interesting item to note, the iPhone 11 dropped off the list and was replaced this month with the iPhone Xs. Both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone Xs were in position nine. Buying a phone is somewhat a personal decision based on specific needs, but choosing the iPhone Xs over the iPhone 11 goes to show how you can save some money by getting a slightly older model phone. The iPhone Xs, while it may be the previous generation — it does carry a much nicer price point with an average selling price of $491. This compares to the iPhone 11, which carried an average price of $628 when it sat in the number nine position in February.

Swappa - Top 10 Selling Phones - March 2020

Buy and sell your used phone with Swappa

Regardless of whether you are looking to buy or sell in the Swappa marketplace — this top ten list should help. The list should help sellers get an idea of which phones are in high demand, and buyers will be able to get an estimate in terms of the price they can expect to pay.

Of course, there is one important aspect to keep in mind if you are on the buying side. Keep in mind that pricing will vary based on several factors such as the overall demand for the phone, the specs (such as internal storage) and the condition of the device.

Here on Swappa, phones can be listed in the following conditions: Fair, Good, Mint, or New.


  • Unopened retail packaging (factory sealed)


  • Pristine condition, no signs of wear and tear
  • Power cord/charger not required
  • Retail packaging and manuals not required


  • Excellent condition, minor wear and tear
  • Power cord/charger not required
  • Retail packaging and manuals not required


  • Noticeable wear and tear
  • Power cord/charger not required
  • Retail packaging and manuals not required

You can review the full requirements for each condition in our Condition Requirements FAQ. All devices listed on Swappa must also meet strict criteria requirements to be listed.

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While this top ten list highlights the phones that are in high demand — these are far from the only phones you will find in the Swappa marketplace. And along with phones, you can also find listings for wearables, tablets, laptops, cameras, home tech, and videogames.

If you are looking to purchase a used newish phone from the Swappa marketplace, you may also want to check out our wireless carrier and plan pages. These will allow you to find information on a variety of carriers, and also on the different plans they offer. Similar to how there is the potential of saving hundreds on newish phones — there is the potential for saving money each month on your wireless service plan.