Top selling used phones – December 2018

Top selling used phones – December 2018

December was another busy month for Swappa, as people searched for deals on used tech for the holidays. Last month also marked the end of 2018 – to look back on the entire year of phone sales on Swappa, check out the best selling used phones of 2018.

If you are looking for the most recent data instead, here are the top selling used phones and average prices from December 2018.

  1. Apple iPhone 7 with an average price of $293
  2. Apple iPhone 6s with an average price of $200
  3. Apple iPhone 7 Plus with an average price of $368
  4. Samsung Galaxy S7 with an average price of $165
  5. Apple iPhone X with an average price of $685
  6. Apple iPhone 6 with an average price of $148
  7. Apple iPhone 8 Plus with an average price of $543
  8. Apple iPhone SE with an average price of $158
  9. Apple iPhone 8 with an average price of $468
  10. Samsung Galaxy S8 with an average price of $300

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