Top selling used phones – August 2018

Top selling used phones – August 2018

With the launch of the new iPhone just a couple weeks away, Apple enthusiasts may be wondering what will happen to the price of used iPhones. We have great news for you. After Apple announces the new lineup of iPhones, prices of the previous generation devices are usually discounted, by around $100 or so, also dropping the value of used models in the process.


You can always get a good deal on a used phone, but now more than ever, you can score an even better deal. For those that have been eyeing the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, or any other older device, you will be happy to hear that prices are falling lower every day.


We will wait to see specifically, how the prices are affected after the launch but for now, let’s look back on the top selling used phones and average prices from August, 2018.


  1. Apple iPhone 6s with an average price of $219
  2. Apple iPhone 7 with an average price of $353
  3. Apple iPhone X with an average price of $788
  4. Apple iPhone 7 Plus with an average price of $451
  5. Apple iPhone 6 with an average price of $151
  6. Samsung Galaxy S7 with an average price of $199
  7. Apple iPhone SE with an average price of $157
  8. Apple iPhone 8 Plus with an average price of $637
  9. Apple iPhone 6s Plus with an average price of $292
  10. Apple iPhone 8 with an average price of $550


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