Top selling used phones – May 2020

Top selling used phones – May 2020

It is the first of the month, June 1, which means we get to take a look back and see the top-selling phones from May 2020. As we always do in our “Top Selling Used Phones” post, we are looking at the top ten selling phones. We’ll also look back and see how this past month, May 2020, compares to the month before, April 2020.

This time around we are seeing quite a few similarities between the two months. The top ten selling phones for the month of May are the same ten phones from the month of April. And, the top five phones in the list are an exact repeat — the same phones in the same positions. 

On a slightly more interesting note, while the two months saw the same ten phones, and had the top five phones on the list being in the same exact position, the average selling price increased for all. Some of the average selling prices increased by a few dollars, such as the iPhone 7, which went from $152 in April 2020 to $159 in May 2020. But in some cases, such as the iPhone 8 Plus, the average selling price increased by nearly $20.

Top selling used phones from May 2020

With the two months, April and May having the same phones — the ratio of iPhone to Android also remains the same. For those keeping track, the ratio is 9 to 1 in favor of the iPhone. The single Android phone on the list was the Samsung Galaxy S9, which jumped a few spots, going from number nine in April to number six in May.

Swappa Top 10 Selling Phones - May 2020 Chart

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This top ten list should prove to be helpful for buyers and sellers. If you are on the buying side you will be able to get a good idea of the price you can expect to pay. And, on the selling side, the top ten list will help in terms of knowing which phones are in the highest demand by Swappa users.

Average selling prices are good to see, but if you are a seller who is trying to get the most from their listings — you should always strive to create the best listing to showcase the phone you are selling.

Creating the best listing is really a simple process, and basically, it can be done by making sure your listing is complete, detailed, and accurate. You’ll also want to ensure that your listing contains high-quality images of the phone you are selling. The images should be clear and well lit, and show the phone from various angles. You should also include images detailing any marks, scuffs, scrapes, or scratches. It is important to remember that buyers are willing to purchase a phone that isn’t 100% perfect, but they will not be as happy if those marks are discovered after they receive the phone in the mail.

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While this top ten list highlights the phones in the highest demand — these are far from the only phones you will find in the Swappa marketplace. Along with phones, you can also find wearables, tablets, laptops, cameras, home tech, and videogames. You can also browse by local markets, just in case you are looking to pick up a phone locally.

If you are looking to purchase a used newish phone from the Swappa marketplace, you may also want to check out our wireless carrier and plan pages. These pages will help you find information on a variety of different carriers, such as details about the plans they offer and independent user reviews.

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