Top selling used phones – August 2020

Top selling used phones – August 2020

September 1st has arrived, and that means we can now look back and see which phones made the best selling list for the month of August 2020. As we’ve always done, this latest version of our “Top Selling Used Phones” post will be highlighting the ten top-selling phones for the month. We’ll also look back to the previous month, July 2020, to see how that compares to August.

In what is a regular trend — the Apple iPhone dominates the list. This time around the list includes nine different models of the iPhone, along with just one from the Android side. The Android phone that made the list is the Samsung Galaxy S9, and it is sitting in a pretty respectable fourth place.

The top three phones remained the same, but with two of the models switching places. This month we have the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone Xr as the top three, and in July we had the iPhone 8 followed by the iPhone 7 and iPhone Xr. Otherwise, we saw the iPhone 11 climb a few places, and the iPhone 7 Plus returned to the list, which booted the Google Pixel 3 out of tenth place.

Top selling used phones from August 2020

Comparing the average selling prices from July to August, and we are seeing a familiar and expected pattern with the prices dropping by just a few dollars. For example, the iPhone Xr went from $464 in July to $453 in August, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 went from $260 in July to $253 in August. Of course, some models, such as the iPhone 7 stayed flat month-over-month. Essentially, this is just to say that if you have a phone sitting around with plans to sell — it would be better to list now, as opposed to later.

Swappa Top Selling Used Phones

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell in the Swappa marketplace — this top ten list should help. Sellers will be able to get an idea of which phones are in high demand, and buyers can get an estimate in terms of the price they can expect to pay. But while the average selling price is nice to see, we have to remind users that pricing will vary based on several factors, including demand for the phone, as well as specs (such as internal storage) and the device condition.

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This top ten list highlights the phones in the highest demand, but these are far from the only phones you will find in the Swappa marketplace. Along with phones, you can also find wearables, tablets, laptops, cameras, and videogames

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