Best selling used phones for November 2016 + Protection Plans

Best selling used phones for November 2016 + Protection Plans

Used iPhones are consistently among top sellers on Swappa


This has been a busy start to the holiday season! We’re so grateful for all of the activity and the warm response to the new categories and additions we’ve been adding to the site.

Here’s what you guys were buying most in November 2016:

  1. Apple iPhone 6 with an average price of $298
  2. Apple iPhone 6s with an average price of $420
  3. Apple iPhone 5s with an average price of $173
  4. Apple iPhone 6s Plus with an average price of $460
  5. Nexus 6P with an average price of $339

Accidental Protection Plans for Used Phones


Statistics and Murphy’s Law says 30% of all Swappa users will break their device at some point. We’ve all been there. Just get your new or newish phone and instantly it’s like your hands don’t work. Drops, spills and sometimes drop-spills happen.

Protect your newish device with an Accidental Protection Plan from WarrantyLife for Swappa. Starting at just $50, plans cover repairs, including parts and labor for most accidental issues. Learn more and be sure to add a plan to your holiday newish phone purchases.


Smartphone repair can be REALLY expensive. Your Protection Plan covers the cost of parts and labor to get your device back to functional. Protect your investment and save money when accidents happen. Learn more.

Recap of all the recent NEW!


We’re thrilled at the response to the addition of Chromebooks and MacBooks has been to the site. We’ve even created a “cheap laptops” section to help you find a laptop under $750. Can’t beat that!

We’re also working to make it easier to bring your own device to top MVNOs. Check out great deals on activation ready phones for Ting, Project Fi, Cricket and Pix Wireless.

Also, because we’re all kind of clumsy, we wanted options for users with broken phones. As we know from our Protection Plan research, 30% of Swappa users will damage their device. For the longest time we didn’t really have solutions for those devices as we only allowed fully functional phones on the main marketplace. We’ve since launch the Swappa Repair Network to help you find a local repair shop to fix your phone to keep or sell on Swappa. We’ve also added broken buyback solutions through a partnership with NextWorth.