Best Selling Used Phones, July 2016

Best Selling Used Phones, July 2016

Nexus 6P surpasses the iPhone 6 for best selling used phone on Swappa




Here are the best selling used phones on Swappa for July 2016:

  1. Nexus 6P (Unlocked) average sale price $396
  2. Apple iPhone 6 (Verizon) average sale price $382
  3. Apple iPhone 5S (Verizon) average sale price $199
  4. Apple iPhone 6 (AT&T) average sale price $365
  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon) average sale price $161

The Nexus and Galaxy devices have been climbing this summer on Swappa, for months the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s ranked as the best used phones of 2016.

Like and Hide – New Feature

new save feature on swappa

When you’re looking for a used phone, you’ve got a lot of choices on Swappa. It can be a bit overwhelming. So we wanted to reduce some of that choice fatigue. We’ve added a simple option that is making a huge difference, the ability to easily like or hide listings as you are browsing. Simple addition, super helpful. Here’s a more detailed post, or the best way to try it out is to check out some listings.

Looking forward to the 7’s

cat party_good prices on Swappa

We’re excited for the launch of the new Galaxy Note 7  (mid-August) and the iPhone 7 (mid-September). New launches are always great times to sell your older phone on Swappa. Sell yours before the price drops. Check out the pricing data on the sell pages for older Notes and iPhones or download the Swappa Price App for Android.