Best selling used phones for April 2017 + $5 Off Coupon

Best selling used phones for April 2017 + $5 Off Coupon

The Galaxy S8 release caused a frenzy of activity for the Samsung devices on the site,  while many people bought and sold Galaxy  S7’s. So much so that the Galaxy S7 beat the iPhone 6S Plus in sales in the month of April.  While the Android devices did well this month it was the Apple devices that took the spotlight again. We did see the iPhone 7 Plus make the top 5 this month, taking the spot from the iPhone 6 Plus.

Top 5 used phones on Swappa in April 2017:

  1. Apple iPhone 6, average price of $252
  2. Apple iPhone 6S, average price of $356
  3. Apple iPhone 5S, average price of $135
  4. Apple iPhone 7 Plus, average price of $698
  5. Apple iPhone 7, average price of $560

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