7 Best Xbox One Games for Kids 10 and Younger

7 Best Xbox One Games for Kids 10 and Younger

Studies show that video games can improve cognitive development through teaching coordination, problem-solving skills, enhancing memory, and more. There are plenty of benefits to be found in video games for kids even at a very young age.

But naturally, most parents want to ensure their kids are playing age-appropriate video games. Here’s our list of the best Xbox One games for kids 10 and younger. These games teach life skills, improve the brain’s speed, and are a great source of learning. Plus, your kids will have a blast playing them.

1) Yooka-Laylee

Kids will love everything about this game, from the fun name to the cute characters and settings. Yooka-Laylee is reminiscent of classic games that many parents will remember playing themselves, like Super Mario and Banjo Kazooie.

2) Minecraft

Minecraft has become a legendary game for kids for a reason. This game is best suited for the slightly older end of the spectrum because of the virtual LEGOS with tons of bells and whistles. Minecraft teaches kids creativity, coding, and 3D models. It’s a perfect game for the world’s future STEM generation.

3) Just Dance 2018

Just Dance is a game of fun for the whole family. Parents will love that this video game gets their kids up and moving, and kids will love the hit songs and gamified dance routines. Artists included on the song list include Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, and other radio chart-toppers.

4) Super Lucky’s Tale

Super Lucky’s Tale is fun and colorful, allowing the players to go on a magical quest with lots of excitement along the way. The game is excellent for even the youngest gamers, with captivating animation and a classic 3D platform vibe.

5) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

All things LEGO are a hit with little ones, as are Marvel super heroes. Hence, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is beloved of every little gamer out there. The game has all the favorite superheroes and villains, from Spider Man and Thor to all The X-Men. Use the characters and their abilities to defeat the game and solve puzzles.

6) Rock Band 4

Rock Band was an instant phenomenon when the original game came out, and the new version is all the same fun with a new setlist. You’ll need to purchase the compatible instruments to go along with this game, but it will be well worth the hours of fun for kids and adults alike. Songs on the new version include classic rock hits like Elvis’ Suspicious Minds, as well as country songs from Brad Paisley and modern rock from The Black Keys.

7) Zoo Tycoon

Kids will love the chance to build and manage their very own zoo in Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection. The graphics are captivating and the free play mode allows the kids total freedom to build the zoo however they’d like. The lions, tigers, elephants, and monkeys in this game will keep your kids almost as entertained as if they were hanging out with them in person.

By using this list as a guide, you’ll rest assured your kids are playing games free of graphic content, violence, foul language, or inappropriate themes. Both you and your kids will enjoy all they learn from these fun and well-made games. If you’re looking for a great source for Xbox One games, check out Swappa for gently used games at an affordable price.