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+1 rating by Seegii M. on Nov 14, 2019:


+1 rating by Evan 7. on Nov 13, 2019:

Just as described. thank you

+1 rating by Denia G. on Nov 12, 2019:

Perfect condition !

-1 rating by Rebecca W. on Nov 12, 2019:

My phone would not charge the day I got it but then eventually did until yesterday, when it was diagnosed that it's charge port was no longer working and cannot be replaced or fixed. The phone is rendered useless now. The battery did not last long. Overall, pretty unhappy with my buy

+1 rating by Jagadeesh Jammula on Nov 12, 2019:

item Received as shown in pictures and well Packed. Phone is working great. Thanks to Seller!!

+1 rating by Alan G. on Nov 10, 2019:

excelent phone

+1 rating by Michael R. on Nov 08, 2019:

Great guy very accomodating

+1 rating by Yahaira C. on Nov 08, 2019:

the phone came in even better shape than I thought it would! great seller

+1 rating by SK123 on Nov 04, 2019:

Fast shipping, phone as described and seller worked out a great deal! Thank you.

+1 rating by Scott K. on Nov 03, 2019:

I received phone just as described!!

+1 rating by Alexander K. on Nov 03, 2019:

Quickly and safely shipped, iPhone in even better condition than described, battery health precisely as mentioned.

+1 rating by Anto J. on Nov 02, 2019:


+1 rating by Amir K. on Nov 02, 2019:

Phone looks good!

+1 rating by Steven S. on Nov 01, 2019:

Quick and easy.

+1 rating by Mark F. on Oct 31, 2019:

As described fast shipping... great seller. Item arrived on-time and exactly as described.

+1 rating by Patty W. on Oct 30, 2019:

Was able to activate on CDMA. Phone in great condition and received promptly!! Thanks!!

+1 rating by Neil D. on Oct 30, 2019:

Phone arrived quickly as described and works great

+1 rating by kao s. on Oct 29, 2019:

Thanks. Everything works perfect.

+1 rating by Jason C. on Oct 28, 2019:

Phone is as expected and described. USPS took a little longer than their promised two days but the seller shipped quickly, packaged it very well, and the phone works as indicated.

+1 rating by Daniel on Oct 28, 2019:

Works great! Very minor damage. Shipping was quick.

+1 rating by KCPR-MT on Oct 28, 2019:

Received as described. Thank you!

(0) rating by Kiera C. on Oct 27, 2019:

Screen chips easily

+1 rating by Anthony A. on Oct 26, 2019:

Good phone

+1 rating by Gayll P. on Oct 26, 2019:

shipping was fast. condition was exactly as promised if not better. completely satisfied.

+1 rating by Jamie F. on Oct 23, 2019:

Good experience

+1 rating by Angie T. on Oct 22, 2019:

Phone was in great condition!

+1 rating by CPR B. on Oct 22, 2019:

Device was received and is fully functional

+1 rating by Bryce J. on Oct 22, 2019:

Great seller!

+1 rating by Tim M. on Oct 19, 2019:


+1 rating by Brendan D. on Oct 18, 2019:

Thank you. I am very pleased with the product received

(0) rating by kc on Oct 18, 2019:

Communication before the buy 0 out of 5 stars. Communication after the buy 5 out of stars . The phone came as described.

+1 rating by Kendal B. on Oct 17, 2019:

I know this has been a while, but I must say the phone arrived fine and has worked well since purchase. Sorry for the delay in responding.

+1 rating by Ian M. on Oct 16, 2019:

Great seller

+1 rating by Bruce W. on Oct 16, 2019:

Unfortunately the phone screen had scratches on it that appear to have occurred after the listing photos were taken (photos did not show scratches), so I returned for refund. The seller was very responsive and accommodating; the return and refund were processed very quickly. Excellent customer service!

+1 rating by Seongjae C. on Oct 15, 2019:

The experience was very straightforward and convenient.

+1 rating by Mengqi Y. on Oct 14, 2019:

item as described, in good condition

+1 rating by Zahoor A. on Oct 08, 2019:

Great clean device.

+1 rating by Joe R. on Oct 07, 2019:


+1 rating by Rachel C. on Oct 04, 2019:

Product as described. 6 months on, no issues with phone. Works great.

+1 rating by Stephen S. on Oct 03, 2019:

everything was perfect ! thanks

+1 rating by Robert P. on Oct 03, 2019:

Great to work with!

+1 rating by Steve P. on Oct 02, 2019:

Accurate description, prompt delivery. Thanks!

+1 rating by Margaret H. on Oct 02, 2019:

Great doing business with you. Phone in great condition. Thanks

+1 rating by Bi N. on Sep 30, 2019:

Item as described. Fast shipping. Thanks!

+1 rating by John D. on Sep 30, 2019:

Phone was as expected. In good shape, with power cord. Works.

+1 rating by Jeff B. on Sep 30, 2019:

Great looking phone. Exactly as described.

+1 rating by kyle s. on Sep 29, 2019:

Great phone, looks and works like new.

+1 rating by Konrad J. on Sep 28, 2019:

Great seller! Item as described in listing. Even included free screen protector and charger!

+1 rating by Andrew K. on Sep 28, 2019:

Fast shipping. Worked and looked as described.

(0) rating by dvmond j. on Sep 28, 2019:

Amazing condition. Thank you ????