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+1 rating by WF72431 on Oct 24, 2020:

Good condition, fast shipping

+1 rating by DEREK on Oct 23, 2020:

Came in a very good condition happy with my purchase

+1 rating by Kyle H. on Oct 22, 2020:

Phone arrived days earlier than expected and is in great condition just as described. Thank you!

+1 rating by Kevin R. on Oct 21, 2020:

Phone was in very good condition just like they detailed on the post, very recommended. There was a problem with usps but they were helping me every time

+1 rating by mark t. on Oct 19, 2020:

All good.

+1 rating by Paul T. on Oct 16, 2020:

Great experience, the phone was delivered very quickly and in better condition than I expected!

+1 rating by Rachael D. on Oct 15, 2020:

Would buy again.

+1 rating by Tiffany S. on Oct 09, 2020:

Phone arrived in great shape. Thank you!

(0) rating by Jeff B. on Oct 09, 2020:

Received as described.

+1 rating by Samuel G. on Oct 08, 2020:

They held up their end of the deal well, because of bad luck the phone was stolen in shipping but they showed me where I could file a claim with USPS and it turned out ok.

-1 rating by Brian R. on Oct 07, 2020:

Seller attempted to sell me a phone that they no longer actually owned. After I requested a refund, they tried to sell me a different phone, and initially ignored my request for a refund while trying to sell me a different phone I did not want.

Seller then called my restating that I wanted a refund 'rude', and blamed the poor interaction on me, rather than their secondary upsell attempt.

Very poor experience in terms of service. The money was eventually refunded.

+1 rating by One92 on Oct 07, 2020:

shipped fast, condition as advertised.

-1 rating by Dawt S. on Oct 07, 2020:

I have tried to activate this phone, but was not able to due to it being reported as stolen.

-1 rating by Austin F. on Sep 29, 2020:

The phone I received does not appear to be the phone listed in the ad. The camera on the back has a crack and the phone has several technological glitches including not showing the time/battery, speaker phone causes unusual noises for both parties, and several others. Very disappointed with this.

+1 rating by Isaac B. on Sep 26, 2020:

Initially received faulty model but seller quickly provided a fully functional replacement. Works great and is in awesome condition

+1 rating by Alice W. on Sep 22, 2020:

shipped surprisingly fast, very happy much.

+1 rating by Demetrios K. on Sep 20, 2020:

Immediate delivery, item as described. Great seller.

+1 rating by Davit H. on Sep 17, 2020:

I’m a returning customer because Wisephone ER goes above and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you come for.

Definitely recommended!

+1 rating by Arman M. on Sep 12, 2020:

Phone came on in time, was just as advertised, great condition, basically mint, loved it!

+1 rating by Frederick K. on Sep 11, 2020:

great service! shipped fast

+1 rating by Esesa on Sep 08, 2020:

Im really happy with the phone itself, and it arrived in two mailing days, which was awesome considering my only phone's screen stopped working. Replacement wasnt worth it

+1 rating by Daren G. on Sep 08, 2020:

Exactly as described! MINT! UNLOCKED! With Charger :)

+1 rating by Walter P. on Sep 03, 2020:

Positive rating everything was the way it was advertised, the order was shipped fast, great job

+1 rating by Caleb R. on Sep 03, 2020:

The phone was in very good condition, not perfect. As a customer, I am totally satisfied with the product.

+1 rating by D.C. on Sep 02, 2020:

Arrived very fast

+1 rating by Andrew H. on Aug 26, 2020:

Phone is in great condition. Fast shipping.

+1 rating by Kevin P. on Aug 16, 2020:

First rate transaction. Phone was as described and performs flawlessly. Thanks!

+1 rating by Kevin P. on Aug 16, 2020:

First rate transaction. Phone was as described and performs flawlessly. Thanks!

+1 rating by Jonathan A. on Aug 04, 2020:


-1 rating by Debora O. on Jul 21, 2020:

This phone has been a nightmare. The speakers don't work and it won't charge. I contacted the seller, but I am past the warranty.

+1 rating by Laquan S. on Jul 06, 2020:


(0) rating by Guillerme Campos on Jul 01, 2020:


+1 rating by Derek T. on Jun 26, 2020:

Easy peasy

(0) rating by A W. on Jun 23, 2020:

Sale was easy.

+1 rating by Phone S. on Jun 20, 2020:

Very smooth transaction fast shipping. Good job.

+1 rating by Dan C. on Jun 16, 2020:

Great purchase.

+1 rating by Allen R. on Jun 14, 2020:

No problems.

(0) rating by metabolic on Jun 04, 2020:

Had a brief screen issue, and seller was great to fix it!

+1 rating by Ben S. on Jun 03, 2020:

Sale was good, nothing bad to report

+1 rating by Robin C. on May 26, 2020:

Great experience.

-1 rating by Calika H. on May 26, 2020:


+1 rating by tiffany m. on Apr 25, 2020:

No problems during activation. Phone was in good condition.

+1 rating by Bob H. on Apr 22, 2020:

Had a problem with Face ID and sent it to Apple support. All fixed and working

+1 rating by Ron B. on Apr 21, 2020:

When you have a problem with the item you ordered is when you truly learn the character of the seller. I've had two hardware problems with the phone I ordered, and both times Wisephone ER has been prompt, courteous, and gone above and beyond to make things right. Order with confidence!

+1 rating by MrCashKing on Apr 20, 2020:

As described. Good condition and unlocked. Fast shipping as well thanks.

+1 rating by CPR Charleston SC on Apr 20, 2020:

Thank you

+1 rating by Erik B. on Apr 20, 2020:

Prompt shipping and phone was as described. I'm very satisfied with the purchase.

+1 rating by Andy A. on Apr 19, 2020:

Incredible customer service! Phone arrived early, fast shipping, will buy from again!

+1 rating by Anita C. on Apr 15, 2020:

Very happy with this, thank you!!

+1 rating by Andrew E. on Apr 08, 2020:

Can't believe this phone was only listed in 'Good' condition as it looks and operates like it's brand new! I appreciate too the prompt processing and shipping--I needed a new phone in a pinch and with express shipping I had it in my hand in less than 72 hours even though it was over a weekend. Hopefully I won't be in the market again for a while, but when I am I'd definitely purchase from these guys again.

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