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+1 rating by Robin C. on May 26, 2020:

Great experience.

-1 rating by Calika H. on May 26, 2020:


+1 rating by tiffany m. on Apr 25, 2020:

No problems during activation. Phone was in good condition.

+1 rating by Bob H. on Apr 22, 2020:

Had a problem with Face ID and sent it to Apple support. All fixed and working

+1 rating by Ron B. on Apr 21, 2020:

When you have a problem with the item you ordered is when you truly learn the character of the seller. I've had two hardware problems with the phone I ordered, and both times Wisephone ER has been prompt, courteous, and gone above and beyond to make things right. Order with confidence!

+1 rating by MrCashKing on Apr 20, 2020:

As described. Good condition and unlocked. Fast shipping as well thanks.

+1 rating by CPR Charleston SC on Apr 20, 2020:

Thank you

+1 rating by Erik B. on Apr 20, 2020:

Prompt shipping and phone was as described. I'm very satisfied with the purchase.

+1 rating by Andy A. on Apr 19, 2020:

Incredible customer service! Phone arrived early, fast shipping, will buy from again!

+1 rating by Anita C. on Apr 15, 2020:

Very happy with this, thank you!!

+1 rating by Andrew E. on Apr 08, 2020:

Can't believe this phone was only listed in 'Good' condition as it looks and operates like it's brand new! I appreciate too the prompt processing and shipping--I needed a new phone in a pinch and with express shipping I had it in my hand in less than 72 hours even though it was over a weekend. Hopefully I won't be in the market again for a while, but when I am I'd definitely purchase from these guys again.

+1 rating by Patrick R. on Apr 08, 2020:

great phone

-1 rating by Brandon R. on Apr 06, 2020:

Phone had glitches but I did not realize it until after 30 days. I was thinking they were settings that needed to be adjusted with the new phone until after I went to the ATT store. The home button rarely vibrated the phone, the phone would sometimes crash, the screen became unresponsive within a few months, and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge while in my pocket for 12 hours without dying after a few months. The phone was also refurbished. I do not recall reading the phone was refurbished but it may have been disclosed.

+1 rating by Rob P. on Apr 04, 2020:

Great buying experience. Super fast shipping.

+1 rating by Catrina L. on Apr 01, 2020:

Thanks so much for the phone! I’ve been using this phone for a couple of days and I haven’t found any issues with it :)

+1 rating by Andrew W. on Mar 30, 2020:

Great seller, product just as described!

+1 rating by Andrew W. on Mar 30, 2020:

Great seller, product just as described!

+1 rating by Patricia C. on Mar 30, 2020:


(0) rating by Patricia C. on Mar 30, 2020:


+1 rating by Patricia C. on Mar 30, 2020:


+1 rating by Patricia C. on Mar 30, 2020:


+1 rating by Patricia C. on Mar 30, 2020:


+1 rating by Patricia C. on Mar 30, 2020:


+1 rating by Patricia C. on Mar 30, 2020:


+1 rating by Andrew P. on Mar 27, 2020:

I always buy used or open-box iPhones for myself & my family. This iPhone 8 was reasonably priced for a fully unlocked device in good shape. Joel complied with my request to temporarily hold shipment after purchase while I checked IMEI# of phone myself. The only downside to the deal was sales tax charge (not sellers fault). No regrets. I would buy it again.

(0) rating by Tamika L. on Mar 23, 2020:

It sounds and works good

+1 rating by Andrew D. on Mar 23, 2020:

Fast. Good communication. Device as described.

+1 rating by James P. on Mar 19, 2020:

Shipping was fast phone in great condition

+1 rating by Destiny R. on Mar 18, 2020:

The shipping was fast I ordered it on Sunday and received it Thursday. The phone is perfect, you get what you pay for but this phone works and looks brand new! Thank you

+1 rating by Ivan E. on Mar 13, 2020:


+1 rating by Bruce A. on Mar 09, 2020:

Phone was received in good condition as advertised. Sending a belated thank you!

+1 rating by ben g. on Mar 04, 2020:

all went well

+1 rating by Jerry P. on Mar 02, 2020:

Phone came fast and in the exact condition as describe!

+1 rating by Chris W. on Feb 27, 2020:

My goodness, just realized I had not closed this out! The seller was great, shipping fast, device was received in exact condition as represented.

+1 rating by cyberchimp on Feb 26, 2020:

Phone condition was as described and expected. Very prompt shipping. Would buy from seller again.

+1 rating by Randol F. on Feb 24, 2020:


+1 rating by Edward Z. on Feb 21, 2020:


+1 rating by Yemi A. on Feb 16, 2020:

Great device!

+1 rating by CPR Charleston SC on Feb 12, 2020:

Looks good.

+1 rating by Bryan _. on Feb 12, 2020:

No issues. Would definitely recommend Wisephone ER if I every need another phone. They worked with me to make sure I got what was needed. Extremely satisfied with their customer service, as well as the iPhone 7 plus that I just purchased. Thanks again!!

-1 rating by Vadim P. on Feb 09, 2020:

Sold me a borderline fake phone. The battery life was 3 hours on a full charge when received despite battery health showing 98%. After a couple months battery life was 45-60 minutes on a full charge. Took it into the local apple store for a routine battery replacement and got quite the surprise. The apple technician said that they glass, display, chassis, and battery were all cheap crappy third party components. On top of that, internals were missing and there was simply voids inside the phone where parts should be. BUYERS BEWARE. While you might technically get an iphone, it will die fast and will have zero genuine apple components except for the processor.

-1 rating by Imran U. on Feb 09, 2020:

Hello I'm been very disappointed with purchase. This phone was a gift I sent out of country. I didn't using the po phone here in USA I sent to back in my country. The has many problems which were not described in swappa. The battery health is keep going down day by day. The phone bumped up on the right side. When we turn on there's a white flash light on the side. I'm really disappointed with this purchase. Especially I gave this phone as a gift to my friends for 350$ and have all this issue. I would like to have my money back

+1 rating by Aan M. on Feb 07, 2020:

Good Seller. I hope to do business again. Phone was A+

+1 rating by Nathaniel W. on Feb 05, 2020:

Works well. Condition matched description.

+1 rating by ven b. on Feb 05, 2020:

The phone arrived in great condition. Everything works and IMEI is clean. Also express shipping came next day and was packed very well.

+1 rating by Corinna O. on Feb 02, 2020:

Great purchase!

+1 rating by Benito G. on Jan 31, 2020:

iPhone was in spectacular shape. Thanks!

+1 rating by Samuel S. on Jan 30, 2020:

Got item as listed

+1 rating by Duff B. on Jan 29, 2020:

The phone was in beautiful condition. It arrived quite quickly. The seller was there to answer questions quite promptly, and I have enjoyed this buying experience!

+1 rating by Rodolfo P. on Jan 27, 2020:

phones as described

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