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Hampton, Virginia US

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    • +1 rating by Hunter C. on Jun 23, 2019:

      A fantastic transaction. Been using the device for several days now, it’s been treating me great! Thanks again.

      +1 rating by Huy N. on Jun 22, 2019:

      quick shipping, item as described

      +1 rating by Dan L. on Jun 21, 2019:

      excellent phone — works great!

      +1 rating by Bernadette on Jun 20, 2019:

      Very good phone. Thank you so much.

      +1 rating by Robin K. on Jun 20, 2019:

      Phone is exactly as described. Fast shipping.

Boneyard Ratings 58
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  • Angel Gonzalez gave this sale a Positive rating:

    great phone, great deal
  • Iphone Buyer gave this sale a Positive rating:

    Very Good Buyer, awesome communication and phone on par than described
  • Angel Gonzalez gave this sale a Positive rating:

    Excellent device, just late to give my feedback because I was waiting for the factory release, but I'm happy now
  • jchand20 gave this sale a Positive rating:

    well packaged, fast shipping
  • Richie S. gave this sale a Negative rating:

    Piece of crap - nothing is any good with this phone - very confusing descriptions - tells me after the sale that phone wasn't meant to be fixed - You rip me off and than you have nerve to send me Junk Mail Ads - buyers beware