MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 13" Buyer's Guide

MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 13" Buyer's Guide

In March 2015, the MacBook Pro 13-inch (Retina) received a significant refresh with updated internal specs and major hardware feature: an all-new Force Touch trackpad. The new trackpad added a force sensor that accurately measures finger pressure, registering taps using haptic feedback to simulate a click. Other updated specs included fifth generation Intel Broadwell CPUs, Iris 6100 graphics, faster flash storage (twice as fast as previous model), faster RAM, and up to 10 hours of battery life. The early 2015 MacBook Pro 13-inch could also be configured with a dual-core 3.1GHz Core i7 and up to 16GB RAM. This also marked the end of the third generation MacBook Pro design, with a drastically overhauled model (featuring only USB-C ports) introduced the following year.

Avg Price: $800

Pricing & Popularity

When is the right time to buy?

When is the right time to buy MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 13"?

MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 13" prices will continue to get cheaper over time. Apple phones hold their value well, but prices will continue to drop as time passes and new models are announced. Buy used and get the best price today on Swappa.

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Where should I sell my MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 13"?

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MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 13" Family

Which generation is right for you?

Storage Options

Which storage size is right for you?

How much storage does the MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 13" have?

The MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 13" has 4 storage options.

  • 128 GB
  • 256 GB
  • 512 GB
  • 1 TB

Which MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 13" storage option is the most popular?

The most popular MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 13" storage option is 128 GB.

  • 40% of buyers chose 128 GB storage option
  • 30% of buyers chose 256 GB storage option
  • 23% of buyers chose 512 GB storage option
  • 8% of buyers chose 1 TB storage option

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