Why is my listing still pending?

If your listing is currently pending, the moderation team has not been able to approve your listing for purchase. This can be related to a number of different reasons:

  • Your listing was recently created: It can take up to a few hours for Swappa moderation team to reach a listing in their queue
  • We're waiting on you to follow up with a request via email: Once the instructions in our email are followed, please reply to the message or use the "Request Review" button on your listing page to let Swappa team members know
  • Your listing isn't currently eligible for sale: Swappa moderators will follow up via email with more information on why, so please review it carefully

If you're unsure why your listing hasn't been approved after several hours, and you haven't received any emails from us (be sure to check spam and junk mail folders!), please use the help form to contact the support team for assistance. Just be sure to provide a link to the listing when doing so.

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