Here on Swappa, photos can be uploaded both to listing pages and sale pages. For listing photos, sellers generally upload the photos needed during our listing approval process, including the required verification photos. A button for the photo upload page can be seen directly by sellers on the listing page for your product at anytime.

Generally, the more photos uploaded for a listing, the better. Our moderation team loves to see listings with clear, well-lit photos of the products shown from all different angles. Photos like this are generally required for listings in our mint condition category. It's also helpful to show a photo of any other included items as well. Just be sure that the IMEI for your product isn't visible in the photos (if applicable)! The IMEI information can always be digitally removed and reuploaded to the listing, or it can be covered using a small piece of paper if engraved on the back of the device.

For assistance in resolving problem sales, photos can also be uploaded to sale pages to show issues or damage with a product when received by a buyer, along with providing documentation from either party to assist towards a resolution to any disagreements. The "Picture Upload" form is shown for both buyers and sellers on the sale page and can be used at anytime.

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