Unfortunately, due to limitations set in place by Sprint, this is not the case. While the details on this topic can get rather complicated, Ting has an informative blog post here to explain some of the most common reasons why a Sprint device won't pass a FEC (financial eligibility check). This is generally due to the device's FED (financial eligibility date) not having passed yet.

Swappa doesn't require sellers to ensure that their Sprint devices are compatible with MVNOs as long as they meet all of the criteria (fully paid off, not tied to any contracts, and ready for activation on Sprint directly). However, if a Sprint device cannot be activated on an MVNO due to a reason that also violates our criteria, the seller would be required to accept a return if this is directly confirmed by Sprint's support team (not passed on from an MVNO).

Thus, it's crucial to ask about MVNO compatibility before purchasing a Sprint device here on Swappa. While sellers aren't permitted to share their IMEI directly, Swappa does allow potential buyers to share links to MVNO pages in a listing comment (such as Ting's BYOD page) to have the seller verify compatibility directly. A Sprint device should not be purchased on Swappa and simply assumed to work on an MVNO, and potential buyers are fully expected to ask about this before making a purchase (unless the seller directly advertises MVNO compatibility in their listing).

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