To sell your product on Swappa, it must satisfy the following criteria:


  • Device is fully functional including all functions of the screen (hardware and software integration including haptic feedback, high refresh rate, Apple True Tone), buttons, ports, and camera
  • Device's ESN is clean and ready for activation by a new buyer. (See Ready for Activation section below)
  • Device has no cracked or chipped glass, water damage, or other structural integrity issues.
  • Device has a functional battery included with sale. *(See Battery Functionality section below)
  • Device must have no outstanding financial obligation with the carrier and must be fully owned by the seller. (See Outstanding Financial Obligation section below)
  • Device must otherwise qualify for sale in accordance with Swappa's Terms of Use.

More information on product condition requirements can be found here.

Not Allowed:

  • Devices that do not fulfill the Required above section
  • Devices with any cracked glass (on screen or body) cannot be listed.
  • Devices with water damage or missing moisture indicator stickers cannot be listed.
  • Devices with blocked ESNs, or otherwise not ready for activation, cannot be listed. (See Ready for Activation section below)
  • Devices with missing or non-functional keys, buttons, ports, or other components cannot be listed.
  • Devices in which the ESN has been altered or "repaired" cannot be listed. //(See ESN/IMEI Integrity section below)*
  • Devices with ESN stickers behind battery removed (if applicable) cannot be listed. (See ESN/IMEI Integrity section below)
  • Devices with money owed on a payment plan (e.g., EIP) cannot be listed. (See Outstanding Financial Obligation section below)
  • Devices that are currently OS locked (e.g., iCloud lock) cannot be listed. (See OS/iCloud Locked section below)
  • Devices which have been returned to a seller and repaired more than once due to functional issues cannot be listed.
  • Devices that have been factory recalled for defects, cannot be listed. (See Fit for Resale section below)
  • Devices marked "Not for Resale" due to being a pre-production, prototype, promotional, demo, or display-only unit cannot be listed. (See Fit for Resale section below)
  • Device chargers and power cables that have ever frayed or had exposed wires (for product categories that require chargers).

Ready for Activation

Devices listed for sale must be ready for activation on the advertised carrier by a new buyer. Devices cannot be blocked, nor reported lost and or stolen. A device cannot be activated on another account at the time of listing. Swappa does not permit devices to be listed as bundled with a cellular plan, as only the device itself is permitted for sale.

Outstanding Financial Obligation

Devices must be free and clear of equipment installment plans and standard contracts to be eligible for sale on Swappa.

  • Equipment Installment Plans: Devices on equipment installment plans (EIP) are still owned by the carrier or company, and could be blocked if the balance is not paid. Therefore, they are not eligible for sale on Swappa until paid in full. Examples include: T-Mobile's JUMP!, AT&T's Next, Verizon's Device Payment Plan ("DPP", formerly called Edge), Rent-A-Center financing, and the iPhone Upgrade Program (Apple's in-house financing).
  • Standard Contracts: In addition to equipment installment plans, some carriers still offer standard contracts, another form of financial obligation that could potentially cause issues with the device being blocked in the future. Devices tied to contracts are not allowed unless the contract is fulfilled, and the device is then freed from the contract.

ESN/IMEI Integrity

A listed device must have it's original, non-altered ESN. The hardware and software ESN must match. A device with an ESN sticker behind battery removed (if applicable) cannot be listed. A device on which the ESN has been altered or "repaired" cannot be listed. Perform an IMEI check today to verify your device's integrity.

OS/iCloud Locked

A device listed for sale on Swappa cannot be iCloud locked (also known as Activation Lock) or locked with a Google account via Android Factory Reset Protection. Devices should be fully reset, free of any software locks, and ready for purchase when listed.

This is not the same as carrier-locked devices (e.g., a device that can only be used on AT&T's network). Carrier-locked devices can be listed in the corresponding carrier sections of our site if they meet all other criteria.

Battery Functionality

Products with batteries listed for sale on Swappa must include a fully functioning battery. This means that the product should properly charge and discharge to be considered fully functional. Devices that do not charge properly, discharge irregularly (leading to early shutdowns), or have a software warning indicating the battery needs to be replaced are not permitted in the marketplace.

Fit for Resale

A device that is a pre-production, prototype unit or is marked promotional, demo, or display-only unit cannot be listed. Any device that has been factory recalled for defects cannot be listed.

Waterproof Devices

Devices that are advertised as waterproof must include all port covers and other functionality that make them waterproof.

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