After a buyer receives their shipment from a purchase here on Swappa, we ask that they return to the sale page tied to their transaction and mark the sale as complete once they ensure everything is as described (assuming there are no problems that need to be reported). While this step is just a formality and has no real effect on the sale, it helps inform the seller that the item was received as expected.

A buyer can perform this step by clicking the "Complete Sale" button on the sale page. This is also when feedback can be provided for the seller.

If a buyer doesn't return to mark a sale as complete after five or more days of the tracking number showing the product as delivered, our support team can manually mark the sale as complete on the buyer's behalf. If needed, sellers can request this in a comment on the sale page (use the "Swappa I need Help!" checkbox to ensure we're notified) or via our help form (be sure to provide a link to the sale page).

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