Here on Swappa, we always encourage users to communicate towards an amicable resolution whenever an issue arises. However, thanks to the Local pickup process, many types of issues will be avoidable thanks to the buyer getting a chance to review the product they purchased before completing their payment.

In the event that a return needs to be arranged after a meetup has occurred, here are some steps on how this generally should work:

  • The buyer and seller should only return to the original swap spot location chosen by the seller
  • When arranging the return meetup, the time and date should promptly be arranged via communication in the comments on the sale page
  • Every item delivered during the original meetup should be returned (all products, accessories, packaging, etc)
  • The refund should be issued at the meetup via the original payment method
  • Once the return and refund is complete, the buyer should comment on the sale page to request a sale fee refund (when applicable)

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