The US Reseller Flex Policy, also known as SIM OUT, allows retail stores to keep in their inventory devices that have not been slated for use on a specific US cell carrier. These devices have been programmed so that whichever US cell carrier's SIM card is the first to be inserted into the device when the device is first powered on, the device will lock itself to that carrier. After that point, any other carrier's SIM card will not be able to activate on the device.

An example would be if the first SIM card to be put in the brand new device is from Verizon; the device will function exactly as if the device was bought directly from Verizon. Putting in any other carrier's SIM card, including carriers outside of the US, will not activate on the device as the it is now considered a Verizon activated device.

With this policy, the first SIM card put into the device MUST be from a US cell carrier. If the first SIM card is not one from a US cell carrier, the SIM card will not be activated on that device.

If a seller wishes to list a device sold to them using the US Reseller Flex Policy here on Swappa, it cannot be listed as unlocked. The seller must choose a US cell carrier in which to list the device to be reviewed here on Swappa.

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