Swappa aims to review and approve every standard listing posted in our marketplace to evaluate that it is a legitimate listing and meets our criteria for "no junk devices".

This is a security feature to help protect buyers and make Swappa a safe marketplace to buy and sell used mobile devices online.

Here are some of the things that are reviewed by Swappa staff:

We still encourage all buyers to carefully review all listings you're thinking about buying and to ask the seller any questions before making a purchase. Remember, a seller can still edit certain parts of a listing after approval, and be sure to always question "too good to be true" listings.

If a listing that has been reviewed and approved looks suspicious or questionable, ask Swappa staff to review it again! Just leave a comment on the listing asking for a review and check the "Notify Swappa staff" checkbox. We'll be happy to address any concerns.

Is a listing that is reviewed and approved guaranteed to be legit? The answer, unfortunately, is no. Swappa cannot guarantee the intentions or future actions of any seller, but we do believe that no other site works harder to prevent "bad" listings and sales. We're pretty good at it, too.

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